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The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.
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Dec 21, 2022
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True Skate Mod Apk is a realistic skateboarding game with a skateboard. Because of the game’s unique aspects, this is a pleasant and fascinating game that, even for novices, lacks high tricks.

This is a realistic touch-based physics game in which you swipe and drag your finger to move the slide numbers on the ground.

The game contains a beautiful skatepark as well as additional decks that can be bought via in-app purchases.

True Skate is a realistic skateboarding game that comes with a skateboard. Because of the game’s unique aspects, this is a pleasant and fascinating game that, even for novices, lacks high tricks.

What’s the Gameplay Of True Skate Mod Apk?

The game offers the most immersive 3D skating experiences on Android devices, as well as numerous customizing choices.

There are many various skateboards accessible in a scope of shapes and sizes. On the other hand, you can scrutinize your skating gifts in an assortment of skate parks.

true skate mod apk all skateparks unlocked

Furthermore, the realistic control and mechanics provide entertaining gameplay. With each twist and flip, you’ll feel like an expert skateboarder on a real skateboard.

What are the main Features of True Skate?

1. Genuine physics

You’ll be astonished at how accurate the in-game physics are; if you’re a real-life skateboarder, you’ll be able to distinguish this game apart from other skating games.

The level of grip, control, and balance, for example, all mimic skateboarder’s moves on his board.

true skate apk

2. gameplay that is realistic

Aside from actual physics, the game features incredibly realistic gameplay that incorporates nearly every aspect of skating.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your skateboard by changing the components and gears. This boosts your board’s performance on specific terrain.

3. Adaptable deck

Individuals that appreciate expressing themselves through skating will be able to change the graphics on their deck to whatever they choose.

If you decide that the previous styles are no longer fashionable, you can easily remove the paint and replace it with new artwork.

Remember that if you scratch your deck too much, the paint will fade over time.

4. There are hundreds of skate parks

You’ll get access to a beautiful skate park with various types of ledges, rails, and steps to practise on when you first start the game.

True Skate, on the other hand, provides access to hundreds of different skate parks if you’re searching for a more difficult task. This game will keep you busy at all times.

However, if you’re using the Google Play version, you’ll most likely have to purchase in-game packages to unlock these songs.

But don’t worry, with our True Skate APK, you can always acquire the unlocking parks for free. Stay tuned in the coming parts as we present the game.

5. Rewind and slow motion

True Skate’s slow motion and rewind skills are useful if you’ve just performed a terrific move or a challenging task and want to evaluate what happened.

You may re-watch your cool stunts many times with straightforward taps and swipes.

true skate mod apk ios

Moreover, you can rewind the sluggish movement whenever. And, if you’re delighted with your results, you can save them for future use.

6. Thrilling challenges

A fascinating campaign mode with hundreds of interesting objectives and challenges is included in the game.

By completing the difficult challenges, you will gain access to invaluable prizes that will enable you to unlock stunning gears and accessories that will dramatically increase the performance of your skateboard.

7. Compete against skaters from around the world

Don’t worry if you don’t have anyone to show off your accolades and achievements to; the game has an intriguing world leaderboard that includes all of the most badass True Skate skateboarders from across the world.

You can see how different players perform and further develop your abilities with the goal that you can battle for the top situations on the board. Show us what you’re made of!

8. Absolutely free

As previously stated, the Google Play version is a premium one, thus we’d like to introduce a great mod that will enable you to access all of the game’s hidden features.

With our True Skate MOD APK, you’ll gain admittance to the game’s all’s missions, as well as an abundance of skateboard stuff and frill for breathtaking changes and, obviously, many different skate parks to test your abilities.

Simply download and install the APK file to begin playing the game.

9. Graphics

The game features realistic 3D visuals and thrilling skateboarding adventures.

The park designs, boards, and art styles are all genuine and may be found at any real-life skate park.

A street skate park is not the same as a competition skating rink.

true skate mod apk latest version

There was no lag during our tests because the game worked exceptionally well even on mid-range hardware.

There are still small lag issues with less powerful computers, but they are minimal and the game is still playable.

10. Sound

You can hear your wheels rolling while riding on the board, and the speed increase, break, and turning are truly precise.

And the sound effects are pretty exciting each time you complete a kickflip or any other accomplishment, contributing to True Skate’s realistic gameplay.

Even the sound of your board splintering against the wall after an accident can make you wince.

It provides the idea that you’ve actually damaged your skateboard.

What are the Features of True Skate Mod Apk?

Unlimited cash:

You will get unlimited money in this updated version.

No Ads

Every one of the promotions will be disposed of.

Free upgrade

Get a free update in this changed variant. Call cards You will get free gather cards.

Opened Characters

All your #1 characters will be opened at whatever point you need

true skate apk all skateparks

How to Download True Skate Mod Apk?

True Skate Mod Apk may be easily obtained by using the download button and the step-by-step instructions provided below.

  • Using a mobile browser, look for True Skate Mod Apk.
  • Visit from the supplied result list.
  • If not, scroll down the app’s article to find the download link.
  • Wait 10 seconds after clicking the download link.
  • Then, to obtain an app, click the download button a second time.
  • After downloading the application, follow the installation instructions below.

How to Install True Skate Mod Apk?

To successfully install any app on your mobile device, follow the six installation steps listed below.

  • Explore to the Security tab in the Settings menu.
  • Select Obtain Unknown Resources.
  • Enable the Unknown Resources option after selecting it.
  • Locate the app download file on your smartphone and open it.
  • Select the install button to install an application.


True Skate is Google Play’s third most popular paid sports app.

True Skate’s popularity is demonstrated by the app’s over one million downloads and the game’s excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5.

The app is straightforward to install from the Google Play Store, however, it only provides access to the basic plain old version.

The internet provides you with the most recent customized version of the True Skate, as well as the much-needed benefit of endless money.

FAQ About True Skate Mod Apk

Is True Skate Mod Apk totally free?

Unfortunately, True Skate Mod Apk is not free; you have to pay a certain amount of charges.

Do you need assistance to play True Skate Mod Apk?

No, True Skate Mod Apk is quite easy, you can play it on your own.

Is it available throughout the world?

Yes, True Skate Mod Apk is available worldwide, you can install it from anywhere.

What's new

- Fixed 360 shove it broken by one swipe
- Fixed mega pop in realistic mode
- Fixed nosegrind camera while holding spin cam with look down enabled
- Improvements on grind edge locking
- Fixed losing character customization



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