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Welcome to Stone Miner: Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources, Sell them on the base, and Upgrade your truck to get even more!
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Apr 27, 2022
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Game Introduction

Many people love to play simulation games, and there are many simulation games available in the play store with which you can have fun. Each simulation game has a different base, such as driving, mechanics, etc. but very few gain popularity. But this simulation game is based on mining stones. You will mine stones and sell them and make money from them. 

The play introduces the game stone miner for both android and IOS devices. You will do the mining adventures and enjoy the experience of mining. Get to know more about this game by downloading and exploring the other feature of this game.

Gameplay Information

Stone miner mod apk is an excellent simulation game. It has unique and fantastic gameplay with thrilling features. You must complete various mining adventures in this game.. You will go to various levels and islands. And to drill the ground and mine stone as much as possible.

You will use different vehicles like trucks, bulldozers,s and many other machines. To mine stone. You will sell the mine stone and rocks and make money.

While mining, you also find precious stones like rubies and diamonds, which you can sell and increase your income. The more you mine stone, the more income you make. You will use heavy machinery and vehicles to mine stones. You must use a better machine to drill the ground or mine the stone. You will make money and spend on purchasing a new vehicle and upgrading. You find expensive metals and other rubies as you drill, which can also help you make money. You will definitely have fun going on various islands and mining stones. The gameplay is simple and interesting to download and enjoys the unlimited resources of this game.

General Features Of Stone Miner Mod Apk

1. Enjoy mining stones

In this simulation game, you will go on various islands and face many missions that make you a mining tycoon. You have to drill deeper and find valuable stones; you will make money with the sale. The deeper you drill, the more valuable metals you find. So you have to use heavy trucks that will help you in the mining stone and make your work more efficient and faster. You will go on dangerous roads and operate Multiple digging up rock-mining cranes.

You will not be bored even for a sec because it has more interesting challenges as you progress through the game.

2. Mining skills

In this game, you will prove your mining skills by controlling heavy machines you will locate on different levels, and using an excavator, you will mine stones on a steady path. Use the giant map to find areas with a higher potential for more quantities of stones. Then, use a drill to break the stones and cranes to crush the stone.

. Then, in this amazing mining game, drive a loader truck over off-road mines to demonstrate your driving skills and your mining prowess.

3. Variety of machines

Many machines are available for use in stone mining. Choose from load truckers, trucks, heavy equipment, stone drillers, excavators, stone cutters, and other machines and vehicles. You will also upgrade these vehicles to improve the machine’s efficiency. You have to make more money and purchase a new vehicle to better-doing mining. Purchase new parts for your vehicle from a store.

4. Various levels

You will see different levels in the stone miner game. Each level is unique and has different goals. At first, you will see easy challenges, but as you progress through the game, you will face more difficult roads and challenges. Each level has a different stone color and texture. Go in various levels and make as much money as possible You can then upgrade various parts of your machinery to pick up more stones faster.

5. Trade with stones.

As much as you drill stones and sell them all and make money. You also find expensive metals and rubies to make more money with these stones and metals.

What Are The Mod Features Of The Stone Miner Mod Apk?

1. Unlimited Money

The mod version grants you unlimited money to spend on new items in the shop. In the standard version, you can’t use all the items, and you need money to unlock every item, and for the money, you have to play each level. The mod version made it easy, and you can use it anywhere. You could, for example, use this money to buy new vehicles such as trucks and other machinery.

2. Unlocked all mission

To access the other missions, you must play every mission in the standard version. And you cannot play your favorite level until you play the previous missions. But the mod version gives you all the missions unlocked, and you can play anyone you want.

It also provides you with other things unlocked; you can choose any vehicle and truck to mine the stone.

3. upgrade

The mod version provides everything updated, and you can upgrade the part of the vehicle to gain more efficiency in mining stone.

4. No advertisement

Some people are frustrated when they play games, and the ad pops out. So the mod version removes all the ads and bugs from the game. 

How To Download The Stone Miner Mod Apk?

Stone miner mod apk is an arcade game where you go to different islands, drill the earth deeper, and mine the stone. Later you have to sell all the stones and make money from them. Download the interesting mining game and get experience in handling heavy vehicles.

Download the stone miner from the website of

  1. A web engine can be used to locate the stone miner mod apk.
  2. Choose a reputable website to purchase the game. To avoid downloading infections or other dangerous things, it is critical to select a free from any potentially harmful site.
  3. Click “Download” when you make quick work of the page.
  4. The updated apk file will now begin downloading.

How To Install The Stone Miner Mod Apk?

  1. Double-click the file.
  2. If the game asks permission to use a feature on your phones, such as the camera or location, select “Allow” to finish the installation.
  3. You can start playing immediately after sending off the game. Use the extra elements and enhancements in the game’s mod apk version!


Stone miner mod apk is a fantastic simulation game with interesting gameplay. You go on different islands, and with the help of heavy trucks, you mine the stone. And as much you mine the stone means you make more money. Then you can use this money to buy a new vehicle that will help you mine faster and more efficiently. You can also upgrade the vehicle parts to make them better used!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is stone miner free to play?

Yes, it is free to play, but for some extra features, you have to purchase these items by paying real cash.

Is stone miner safe to download?

Yes, this is safe to play the stone miner if you download it from a reliable website because some contain malicious software that can harm your device and steal your important must check the website before downloading.

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