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The best fighting series on mobile has returned and become even more SPECIAL - Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition!!
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Nov 17, 2022
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The edition of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition that symbolises Nekki’s success with this game is that one. 

Players will receive extra rewards because Shadow Fight 2 is essentially a paid version.

In particular, you won’t experience boundless energy while also seeing commercials, which speeds up this Chapter. 

The fierce conflicts that occur via the Gates of Shadows are recreated once more, but you will undoubtedly find it easier to defeat them this time. 

You will be charged to get Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition from Google Play, but you also get limitless money features at 

Starting with the first level of the new game, spending and upgrading are not restricted. The developer realised this and produced Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition.

Because the energy system that restricted plays has been eliminated, you can play it whenever you wish. 

The plot:

In addition, the game contains no advertisements. The plot from Shadow Fight 2’s Old Wounds episode also appears in the game’s Special Edition. 

Its main character is a young Sensei. One day, Sensei unintentionally confronted the Shogun soldiers attempting to imprison the Prince. 

Every day, you’ll get a substantial amount of coins. He won the conflict between them. Shogun at the time was enraged. 

He immediately began recruiting ninja and preparing them to stage a rebellion.


While playing the game, you’ll assume the character of a young Sensei. The army of the Shogun and his dreadful plan must be defeated. 

In general, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition’s gameplay and content are comparable to that of its predecessor. 

The character has access to the most basic weapons. You must accomplish the stages in each chapter in order to go on to the following part of the game. 

The difficulty level will also progressively increase. The enemy population has increased, and they are also much stronger and more agile than they were.

Sensei may use a covert weapon to unleash assaults from a distance. He also has a special talent with a lot of damage potential. 

Arms and accessories To win the game, you must equip your avatar with the best weapons and armour you can.

The arsenal contains a wide variety of weapons. Instead of a Kanata sword, you may use a Kunai, Shuriken, or Kusari-gama. 

Each type has a distinctive advantage in a fight. If you want to win the battle, learn the advantages and disadvantages of each weapon.

Additionally, you can enhance your gear with the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. Coins and diamonds are used in this activity in significant quantities. 

However, they will boost the character’s strength, health, and defence.

Fighting ability

Fighting prowess Combat skills, in addition to equipment, are essential. As Sensei advances in levels, he will get new abilities.

What has been added to the special edition?

What new features are there in the special edition? In addition to having ads and energy components removed to limit your plays, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has a few extra features over Shadow Fight 2 Original Edition. 

First, the equipment is less expensive. Second, completing goals or a certain game stage will award you money and diamonds

Third, the equipment inventory now includes updated and enhanced versions of armour and weapons. 

They are absent from the free version. These help the character get stronger and complete difficult tasks. 

Additionally, several new maps were introduced and the graphic quality was enhanced in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition. Your perception will be more sharp when you play.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK’s 

Unlimited Money feature: Both cash and stones are in abundance.

Kindly disconnect the Internet before starting the game.


First, let’s talk about two benefits of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK: no advertisements and no energy limit. 

It not only makes it simpler for you to finish tasks while playing without advertising, but it also ensures that you’ll always have a top-notch gaming experience. 

Your emotions are not diverted when playing in this special edition.

When you finish the game screen, there are also more jewels, weapons, and armour available. 

Users receive a different rate than Shadow Fight 2 when they must pay. 

On the other hand, a few other insignificant elements, like a design image, you’ll probably find out on your own. Not enough introduction is required.

Some notes

Many player reviews of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition indicate that it is a failure. The Eclipse mode and Underworld function are not visible to them, which is the cause. 

Nekki, however, stated in their announcement that they had forbidden the inclusion of those two features in this version. There haven’t been any mistakes, therefore it really is a limit.

In other words, it is a token of the publisher’s appreciation for the players. 

Go through the seven provinces in Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK to find strategies to beat Titan that make him quiver in awe.

Download Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk

Download the changed version of Shadow fight 2 here. Shadow fight 2 special Version furnishes gamers with a better gaming experience in correlation than the free release.

Download the Android adaptation of Shadow Battle 2 Extraordinary Release MOD APK. Its content has advanced dramatically after more than 10 hours of play. 

Also improved is the compensation plan. Given what Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition has to offer, I think there should be a compelling reason for current Shadow Fight 2 players to come back. 

Below is a link to the MOD APK version of the game. It can be downloaded for nothing.

What's new

*Some game freezes, lags and crashes are fixed


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