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Love coffee and fun? You’re in the right place. Step into My Cafe and embark on your very own restaurant story game.
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Dec 29, 2022
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My Cafe is a service-themed game in which players spend time creating their coffee shop. You will have a tiny coffee shop owner, so it will take time to build it to an astonishing scale and offer a wide variety of customers. In addition, you will be responsible for determining how much you receive for serving sweets and beverages. This will be a wonderful experience.

My Cafe demonstrates how to launch a small restaurant business. My Cafe and its realistic gameplay will teach players how to greet clients and provide the fastest service. You will have your customers starting at the first desk. Bring out the desired food and beverages, then collect payment. Your experience will increase proportionally to your fast level. When the main character attracts and gains more experience, expanding the cafe will be simpler. My Cafe progressively transformed gamers into seasoned dealers.

Chat with targeted customers by making conversational choices. You want your story to follow whatever path My Cafe can create. Do you aspire to own a well-known cafe brand? My own cafe enables individuals to build strategies for turning their dreams into reality. Many restaurant customers will return if you are willing to serve customers who love them in the most professional manner possible. 


What are you expecting? This espresso will not prepare itself. Commence your path to café management today. The first step is to work properly by downloading the My Cafe Mod APK file with infinite unlimited coins and diamonds. This will allow you to purchase any essentials as soon as they become available.

Naturally, there is still a level cap on the menu VIP 7 and resources before new items can be unlocked. Nonetheless, you will be able to buy them as soon as they become available since you will have the money set aside to do so. You’ll have a much easier time getting your firm off the ground once you’ve paid off your first startup costs.

To open a cafe, get the most recent mod version of My Cafe Mod APK from our site.



The first thing players notice about this cafe restaurant game mod is its beautiful and elegant graphics, which good show a friendly and fun cafe.

Also, the game’s characters and buildings will be modern and well-designed. This will give the whole cafe restaurant game a unique look and let players explore its content.

As players continue to engage with the environment, things are constantly changing, with a focus on the environment and visual development.


The bulk of the action in My Cafe, a management simulation cafe restaurant game, occurs as the player clicks around to control the cafe’s staff and kitchen. In this game, players not only have to manage but also make their food and delicious drinks and bring the installation instructions carefully best meals to customers.

While the game’s mechanics are unique due to its focus on the preparation of beverages and candies, its potential for fun is boundless. In addition to serving customers as quickly as possible, players must improve the restaurant, make the inside look nicer, and come up with a new design to make the coffee shop unlimited money.

In the future, gamers will be able to take part in important and helpful events and be eligible for a wide range of amazing rewards, such as higher restaurant sales.

3. Do something with all of the world’s sweet treats.

When managing a restaurant, the player must consistently provide customers with the finest desserts and meals from across the world.  However, their preparation must be done manually, and the player has complete discretion over how they interact with the ingredients.

Depending on the customer’s order, the player must create the precise flavor requested, but can occasionally get inventive and surprise loyal patrons. As the player upgrades the food preparation room, the speed of preparing food increases, allowing them to take on several styles orders without keeping clients waiting.

4. Decorate your Beloved Restaurant

Design and decorating exciting features are crucial to the gameplay of management restaurant simulation games, even to the point of becoming a necessity for player amusement. The cafe restaurant game will have a lot of interesting things to do, and players will be able to use their imaginations when building interiors or choosing colors that fit the theme.

Also, players have to make restaurants with different styles and, depending on the weather or the season, make designs that bring in more customers.

When players finish special missions, they will be able to get beautiful restaurant designs that they can use to update and change the look of their restaurants.


If players enjoy managing cafes, they will be able to construct a global chain of eateries, thereby growing their cafe empire. The variety of foods available in each setting is the game’s main draw. This adds to the game’s content and gives players more ideas for what to call their restaurant.

The player may have to start over for each different type of cuisine because the method of preparation, the style, and the cooking implements are all different. 


In a cafe restaurant game, cooking food as quickly as possible is a top concern for the chef. My Cafe will meet this criterion by adding a great and deep upgrade system that will let players get the most out of a cooking simulation.

In addition, as players level up, they will gradually unlock new additional content and increase their production. Each cafe restaurant game will have its way to improve, and players will have to keep spending unlimited money on them and making them bigger if they want to make a lot of unlimited money from them.


My Cafe is the most well-known simulation game in the world because of its fascinating and entertaining online gameplay, as well as its abundance of resources, locations, and a variety of interior design abilities.

Consequently, we have highlighted some elements of the My Cafe Mod APK. If you are a new player and are still unsure about installing this premium mod info menu, the following characteristics will help you decide:

Unlimited Wealth

Unlimited money is the game’s premium currency, required to access the spice box slots, purchase gifts from Fernando, and perform a variety of other additional actions. But in the standard edition of the cafe restaurant game, we receive very little cash.

With the Unlimited Money feature of My Cafe Mod APK, you can buy anything you want without worrying about not having enough unlimited money.

Unrestricted Diamonds

It is impossible to progress through My Cafe without diamonds, as they are required to buy nearly every item in the game, including cup machines for harvesting rubies, expanding jewelry boxes, buying coffee grinders, and more.

We have completely updated the game, allowing you to use infinite diamonds without restrictions.

Free materials

Multiple resources, such as coffee machines, ornamental goods, one-of-a-kind new furniture, and varied backgrounds, are accessible in the game, enhancing your gameplay experience points and the appearance of your cafe.

Incredible Advantages

My Cafe’s time-consuming daily and weekly challenges might lead to some fascinating rewards. To facilitate your work, we have unlocked all rewards for use at any moment.

Gaming without advertising

My Cafe is a premium application that relies mostly on advertisements to generate revenue, yet the majority of these advertisements are irrelevant and annoying.

We took all of the ads out of the modded version of My Cafe Recipes and Stories by hand so that the user experience would be better.


If you are new and do not know how to download my cafe free melsoft games, then you can follow the instructions below.

  1. To get started, select “Go to Download Page” in the upper right. The My Cafe – restaurant game mod’s download page will open in a new tab or window. 
  2. Start the easily download of your game now by clicking the appropriate button. The download my cafe will start as soon as possible. 
  3. The My Cafe Mod APK file can be accessed from the File Manager after the game has been downloaded. When using File Manager to install a program for the first time, the program may ask for permission to do something.
  4. Select the “Settings” menu to assign permissions.
  5. Having done so, you can try installing the.apk file again by tapping the back button. The setup should go off without a hitch this time around.

Before installing this modified version of the My Cafe game, you must uninstall all previously installed versions. Otherwise, you may see a failed installation error.

Wrapping Up!

No longer is it necessary to invest a large sum of save money to realize your ambition of opening a café or restaurant game. Nowadays, all you need are restaurant simulator games that allow you to open a restaurant on your mobile phone and become a food industry tycoon.

My Cafe Mod APK enables you to design your property to your liking, select menus and price points, educate employees, and finally expand your successful business strategy on your terms. With these materials, you can even remodel your property at any time. Prepare to own a luxurious restaurant game. Therefore, get the My Cafe MOD APK to begin skillfully!


Is it secure to use this modified APK?

The use of the My Cafe Mod APK is completely risk-free.

Can the My Cafe Recipes and Stories game be played offline?

My Cafe Recipes and Stories is an online simulation game that cannot be played without a constant connection to the internet.

Can I play my café game on a computer?

Yes, you may play my cafe game on a computer, but you will need to install Bluestacks, a piece of software that allows you to run any Android game app on a PC.

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HO, HO, HO! Festive wonders at My Café!
For level 7+ players:
Fairytale Season! Earn trophies in festivals to collect cool prizes and the Winter House decoration
For level 8+ players:
• The Arctic is calling! Take it on with Nicole and Buster
• Who stole the sleigh of prezzies? Watson suspects the elves
• Meet Her Majesty Charlotte: Snow Queen
• You're feeling sleepy… And you're at the circus with Chloe and Max
For level 59 players:
• Mousse Dessert Display Case
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