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It’s time to take a run on the wild side with the incredibly fun and despicably daring Minions!
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Gameloft SE
Dec 9, 2022
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Single-player runner video games are loved by millions of players worldwide! Every day, more than 1 billion people play runner games.

Minion Rush, one of the most cleverly designed running games, focused solely on running and leaderboard climbing.

It’s a Gameloft SE title with similarities to Temple Run and Subway Surfers in terms of gameplay and storyline.

You may also discover all there is to know about the minions and engage with them in lifelike interactions thanks to cutting-edge game graphics.

To learn more about the world of Minion running, download Minion Rush right away.

You may also try our Minion Rush MOD APK, a version of the same game made by our attentive team.

It’s a fantastic Android game that provides almost all premium features without costing extra, like infinite money, an unlocked UI, and an ad-free app interface.

Get ready for the Despicable Minions’ endless runner:

Thanks to the Minions, Despicable was more than just a movie or TV programme; it was a mood that has stuck in our minds ever since.

Even if we are unaware of the race or formal name of the Minions, we still admire them and want to spend time with each one in person.

What if I told you there was a running game just based on the Minions? It would be particularly fun! So welcome to Gameloft’s innovative Minion Rush!

This fantastic Android running game’s objective is to run eternally and beat your previous best times as well as those of your friends. It is based on the running genre for lone players.

You can also utilise this game to investigate the entire Minion Universe and discover more about what it’s like to be a Minion.

Download the Minion Rush to enjoy Despicable Me in as little as 100 Megabytes of online space!

Explore more of the Minion Universe to wow your pals.

You have to control the running minions, such Dave, Carl, Jerry, and Mel, in line with the Minion Rush video game.

In addition, you’ll need to outrun the Minions in races while dodging the barriers and challenges in your way.

In order to inundate your mind with a tremendous amount of facts and information about the Minion Universe, this is the main objective of the Minion Rush. 

At this place, you can purchase the four minions mentioned above as well as unlock and interact with every other movie-related minion. Download it right away!

To make changes, gather costumes and other power-ups.

The Minion enjoys dressing up, and in the game Minion Rush you may give your character a choice of beautiful clothes with different skills.

You can dress as a Cancan dancer, a red and pink Cupid, a spy in a black suit, or any other fantasy you desire. 

Each Minion Costume also has unique abilities, bonuses, and user interfaces that can influence the player’s mood.

So start playing by choosing Minion Rush, a great option. Additionally, a modified version of the original game, Minion Rush MOD APK, is available for download.

If you want to play around with all of the Minions’ accessories and abilities for free. You always have the option to pick the best course of action! Get this Gameloft SE game in a modified version.

Get the modified version of this Gameloft SE title

Get this Gameloft SE game in a modified version. The game has been updated and replicated in Minion Rush MOD APK. 

After playing the challenging official game, where you had to earn the greatest scores and play for hundreds of hours to gather the required number of coins, we developed this adaptation.

Similar to the Subway Surfers MOD APK, it offers you the in-game premium bonuses like limitless money, an unlocked store menu, and an ad-free user experience.

We’ve kept the same daring minions and gaming UI, but we’ve also added a tonne of mind-blowing new features that will wow you.

Additionally, it can be downloaded and installed on almost any Android smartphone, offering a free, premium-quality experience.

Unlimited funds to buy every Minion costume

The online game Minion Rush is run under a gaming cash system. Just one costume or power-up can be unlocked for several hundred coins.

And to collect just one coin or gem, you must engage in the game’s most difficult battle.

You won’t need to worry, though, since the Minion Rush MOD APK will grant you unlimited access to free in-game currency and allow you to make as many purchases as you’d like.

Amazing, isn’t it? Try it on your own and be amazed!

A fully unlocked shopping menu with the buffer power-ups available

However, you can’t use the limitless resources unless you first collect the special power-ups and advance through the game’s levels.

Since you can obtain any outfit, including the Spy Guru, Vacationer, Vampire, Worker, and Monkey King for free, we made sure that the Minion Rush MOD APK featured a completely accessible shopping section.

An app UI without ads for more enjoyment

There are advertisements in almost every game that is officially available on Android.

But we fundamentally work on the Zero-interruption policy, create the changes, and employ the No-ad script in order to give you a non-interruptive gaming interface without costing you.

The Minion Rush MOD APK acts similarly by not obstructing your capacity to complete any of its purchases or play any of its missions.

Increasing Anti-Ban support to go up the leaderboards online

In this new version of the game, we are also providing all Minion Rush players with anti-ban help.

While preserving the security of your Gameloft account, you can climb the leaderboards for Minion Rush. Download the game now to start having endless fun!

Final Touch

It’s a useful tool that makes use of the same gaming interface and offers all the aforementioned features without charging any fees.

Click the button below to download Minion Rush MOD APK, which will let you earn flawless scores on your leaderboard with the least amount of work.


Is this Minion Rush: Running Game mod safe ?

Yes, it’s safe.

Why can’t I install this mod ?

First, you must uninstall the original.

How to fix the download bug ?

If the server is busy, try again later. Also, don’t abruptly stop and resume because downloading takes time.

How to report HappyMod’s bug ?

Email reporting is available in the slide menu of HappyMod.

What's new

What’s New
- Two Special Missions: Help Gru restore Mother Nature on land, sea, and in the air in the eco-friendly Wild Life Special Mission. Later, help the Minions save Christmas by retrieving their lost gifts in the holiday Special Mission -- Stolen Presents!
- Two New Costumes: Snakey Stuart is always close to nature, and Holiday Bob is sporting his seasonal best!
- Get new free Revives.
- Costumes can now be unlocked from the Wardrobe with an in-app purchase.



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