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To finish the maps you can explore, you will need to collect enough blue stars that appear in the surroundings.

The following level is a huge region with numerous traps, and the Fire Rush feature still exists there. That is also the key to accessing it at the same time.

Transform into a dragon and fly to various locations.

If you’ve ever played Hungry Shark, you shouldn’t disregard Hungry Dragon because it has some similar elements as well as some distinctive ones. 

When you have enough energy, you will be able to command a dragon, a formidable entity and breathe fire. 

However, it constantly craves food, affecting your health. You can therefore only fly around freely in a specific area and consume the prey you can hunt.

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Keep living and get a lot of gold

In Hungry Dragon, your life stats will eventually drop, therefore you must continually look for prey to eat. Its rate of decline varies greatly depending on the game’s stage. 

In order to keep yourself healthy, you must constantly move about in quest of suitable prey.

A boost bar will also be included at the bottom of the life bar to enable you to move more quickly and hit flying targets. 

After you use it, the boost bar will be fully charged in a short while.

One thing to keep in mind when handling your dragon is that they can only consume so many creatures at once. 

In other words, if the prey they can hunt is on the list of acceptable food, they will consume it right away. 

However, if they don’t match, you’ll be able to tell which kinds of dragons in the game may consume these creatures. 

To prevent wasting time and blood, switch to another object as soon as you get the notification.

You can activate the dragon’s terrifying fire-spouting ability by pressing the Fire Rush bar at the bottom of the screen.

Set free strong new dragons

You won’t be able to ignore the dragons you can uncover in Hungry Dragon after playing through the first level, and there are two ways to do so. 

Some dragons will have a lock icon, and in order to unlock them, you must raise the previous dragon’s level to its maximum. 

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Purple diamonds, which are much harder to come by than gold coins, should be used if you want to keep unlocking them after the above order.

For Android, get the Hungry Dragon MOD APK

All of Ubisoft’s games are excellent. The same is true of Hungry Dragon. Download this entertaining action game using the links below to enjoy it.

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