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🦉 Your letter has finally arrived! What kind of witch or wizard will you be? A heroic Gryffindor? A cunning Slytherin? A clever Ravenclaw? A loyal Hufflepuff? Put on the Sorting Hat, and YOU decide! 🎓 With countless choices, you’ll be able to carve out your own unique path in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. 📬
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Dec 15, 2022
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Hogwarts mystery is an adventure game and role-playing collaboration.jam city is the developer of this game. Everyone watches the harry porter movie, and movies contain a lot of mysterious things. This game is entirely based on the details that have happened in the movies or you have read in novels or stories.in the Hogwarts mystery game, players will play the role of a new student at Hogwarts magic school, and his goal is to find his brother, who was mysteriously missing. This game is truly based on a real story. To know more about this game, please read the whole information.

Game Introduction

Gameplay Info

Everyone knows the story of harry potter. But, the stories and moves have a lot of hidden things. 

However, the player will advocate for his own story in this game. The Hogwarts academy is open for registration. You get a chance to join this academy. And become the wizard that you always dream of. You enter a school as a new student. And you learn all the Witchcraft and magic to join the school activities. You become the wizard of your own story, discover their surroundings, enjoy student fun, and cast countless spells.

Compared to other games, this is a fantastic and most-playing game. Cartoon series also release from this story. You can get the chance to play this game with online friends. This game was released by the team of Game of Thrones. You can also play with your friends and explore this game’s exciting features. If you love something mysterious, download the Hogwarts mystery and have fun.

General Features Of Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk?

1. Start a school life.

Like harry potter: Hogwarts mystery open registration for admissions. You join the school as a new student. This school allows you to enjoy your student life in multiple ways. You meet different students, make new friends, and build relationships with new students. You face many problems depending on each treatment. You may receive fortune or misfortune from them.

Start a school life

You find friends and are a priority student at one of the school’s four famous houses in the residence hall. You participate in different activities to learn new things as compulsory forms.

After completing the conditions, you can pursue your activities, including crafting and becoming a witch and alchemist. You can enjoy all the activities and fun that school provides until you stay here.


Hogwarts mystery school contains a lot of mysterious hidden things, and it opens the future for those students who follow the conditions and get knowledge. the school has different magic courses for every person. And each type of magic is various and lavish. The spells or similar content, such as casting methods or minimum requirements, are the most intriguing. It is forbidden to cast spells with malicious intent. So players must have to use their magic for positive things. To make spells come alive or effectively, you must memorize spell patterns and use a precise wand. So, this game has various types of spells for players to enjoy and give a chance to improve their abilities.

3. Enter the wizarding world

Hogwarts mystery has a lot of hidden things. It gives you the right to move around the school and discover many hidden secrets along with the knowledge you get from the school. You can choose the house where you learn the art of the wizard. This game gives options such as Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and many more. You have to choose the one house you visit and observe where you can learn better. You choose one house, learn all the professional art of wizards, and become a master.

You face many mysterious things in each stage when you enter the wizarding world.

You play many complex challenges and earn rewards and unlimited skills. You participate in different events and challenges, and after completing them, you win house cups with classmates. Events are mostly arranged among classmates and complete the event with your house cup. You have to make strategies to defeat your primary opponent, the dementor. Conjure the player character and prepare to be attacked by dementors. You play with your role character until the end of the game.

4. Make new friends 

This game provides the feature to make new friends. However, this is an inbuilt function of this make. You make new friends and chat directly with the user. You can also choose your classmate’s friend, explore many exciting things, and discover new secrets with your mystery. You will not get bored even for a second and will make virtual friends while playing this game. 

Make new friends

5. Graphics 

This game provides you with realistic 3D stunning graphics. It creates the real look of the character with graphics. For instance, you feel like the real character playing this game, so it immerses players in playing this game. You will see colorful effects when the player and opponent use magical effects.

What Are The Mod Features Of Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk?

Unlimited Money 

The mod version gives you unlimited money. You can use this money to customize your character. You can make your character as you want. You can upgrade your character accessories with unlimited money. You don’t need to spend any cash.


The mod feature unlocks everything. So now you can use everything that is before the lock. You just need to download the mod version of the Hogwarts mystery mod apk. With the mod feature, you will get everything unlocked.


No ads

The mod version of Hogwarts mystery removes all the advertisements. Now no ad will pop out while playing this game. The mod version made it easy to play this game.

How To Download The Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk?

Hogwarts mystery is an exciting, fun-loving mystery game where you discover many hidden features. You make new friends, and everyone has their own specialties, and it is an endless fun game. Download this game and explore all its features.

To download this game, follow the steps.

  • Hogwarts mystery can be downloaded from apkbuns.com.
  • By clicking on the link, you can download Hogwarts mystery
  • Look for the game on the website.
  • Downloads can be obtained by clicking the button.
  • Furthermore, the file is saved on your mobile phone.

How To Install The Hogwarts Mystery Mod Apk?

After downloading, it may not allow you to install it on your androids directly. You have to enable some options after that you install it. Follow these steps to enable it. Go to setting>security>unknown sources>enable unknown resources.

  • After getting permission
  • Open the download folder.
  • Click on the file and wait for a few minutes to install it.
  • After installation, you can play this game.


Hogwarts Mystery is a mysterious game in which many things are hidden, and you must use your magic to discover them all. You begin your school life by selecting a house and learning the art of magic, and the school offers you many exciting things you can freely do after completing specific tasks. It provides realistic sound and graphics. The developer did an excellent job. After completing the mission, you will receive unlimited money and rewards.


Is there a 7 year in Hogwarts mystery?

Yes, you join a school for 7 years, participate in different activities and courses, and get a knowledge of magic.

Can you play Hogwarts mystery without paying?

Yes, you can play Hogwarts mystery without paying. Just download it from the apkbuns, and it is free to download.

What's new

- NEW ADVENTURE! With most of your fellow students leaving Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays, you volunteer to become Hagrid's holiday helper and see a whole new side of Christmas in the wizarding world!
- The Hogsmeade Carnival is back for the Christmas holidays! Enjoy all the fun and games!
- Don't miss our special giveaways this month!
- Bug fixes and Improvements



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