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A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!
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Dec 19, 2022
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Get ready to play Going Balls Mod Apk, a fascinating game that lets Android players freely explore their breathtaking tracks with a rolling ball. 

Enjoy exploring the many pathways with their distinctive set-ups and engaging props. Use the straightforward touch controls to easily practice your movements.

Discover the distinctive features of this platform game where you roll a ball around to overcome obstacles that each have their own special mechanics and gameplay interactions.

With a single swipe, you can move the ball forward, left, or right. Whenever you’re in the game, take part in the surprisingly enjoyable rides.

Story Gameplay

Android players will get the option to experience the casual yet incredibly pleasant and addictive gameplay in Going Balls on their smartphones. 

Simply take on the ball-rolling challenges, which will lead players through a number of various trails, each of which offers a different gameplay style and in-game experience.

Enjoy the exciting mobile action, which features simple controls and a surprisingly deep set of game mechanics.

Going Balls

Enjoy the game whenever you want to and explore all of its amazing features without restriction. 

With endless levels and stages, each of which offers a different set of special features, take on a variety of interesting in-game tasks. 

Going Balls is a completely stress-free game, so you can enjoy the delightful gameplay with complete peace of mind. 

The customizing possibilities will also surely raise the game’s enjoyment and excitement.

What are the Features?

The following list includes every fascinating feature the game has to offer:

1. Touch controls that are pleasurable and intuitive

Going Balls’ simple touch controls allow Android players to start having fun playing their favorite casual game right away. 

You may quickly speed up or slow down the ball by swiping your finger up and down. To easily maneuver your ball through the barriers, use the left and right actions.

Unexpectedly, the in-game controls are extremely intuitive and increase your enjoyment of the game. 

going balls download for pc

Fantastic stages with progressively harder challenges Going Balls for Android allows players the chance to freely take part in hundreds of entertaining in-game stages, each of which offers its own experiences and elements.

With rising gameplay and interesting level designs, feel free to take on your thrilling challenges. 

Additionally, the manageable degrees of difficulty will guarantee that you can always take full use of the thrilling game on your mobile devices.

2. Amazing trails with challenging experiences

Android players will get the ability to embark on a number of amazing rides throughout the course of the game, which will take them through a number of routes with their awesome rides. 

Enjoy the challenging in-game experiences on a variety of creative and hazardous paths, such as the sky-high rails, perilous passages, and more.

going balls for pc

3. Various challenges and interactive elements to increase the enjoyment of the game

Going Balls will also make sure that players have the most fun possible with their amazing rides by including a variety of interactive elements and in-game challenges. 

Take on a variety of engaging in-game tasks that allow you to freely interact with certain props and obstacles. 

Get tested by balls coming at you from different angles. Have fun flipping about on the big trampolines. The list continues.

4. Enjoyable balls to use:

Going Balls for Android gives players the freedom to freely interact with the fascinating and eye-catching balls, each of which has a unique appearance. 

To fully immerse yourself in Going Balls’ spectacular levels, feel free to choose any ball that most accurately represents who you are. 

Going Balls Mod Apk

5. Enjoy playing offline games on your mobile devices

If you’re interested, you may now take advantage of Going Balls’ captivating offline experiences.

There is no need to use your mobile data or look for live Wi-Fi connections as a result. To enjoy many of the game’s features whenever you want, all you have to do is log in.

6. Use is free

Despite all the intriguing features, playing the game on Android devices is still free for all players.

There is no cost involved; all you need to do is download and install the free game from the Google Play Store.

7. Play the game’s modified version on our website.

But if you want to take full advantage of Going Balls’ thrilling gameplay, it’s preferable to use the hacked version available on our website. 

Here, we provide the game with all of its unlocked features, limitless money, and advertising removed. 

Simply download the Going Balls Mod APK, read the instructions, and begin playing to get started.

8. Graphical and audio quality

Android players in Going Balls may always get lost in the spectacular rides thanks to the straightforward yet incredibly interactive 3D graphics, realistic in-game physics, and relevant animations. 

Additionally, you may always have more fun playing the mobile game due to the pleasing and fluid visual components.

going balls mod apk 2022

9. Audio & Music

Going Balls gives its fantastic auditory experiences in addition to its intriguing visual components to increase the gameplay’s excitement. 

The engaging sound effects and compelling soundtracks will always keep you hooked on the game, for those of you who are interested.

How to Go Balls Unlimited Money?

You have two options; the first is to download HappyMod’s Going Balls mod

You must enable the option for Unknown Sources. Click the link above to get the Clash of Clans APK.

  • Save the file to your device’s Downloads folder.
  • Tap Install once again, and then wait for the installation to complete.
  • Open the game and begin playing it as soon as it is finished.

The second option is to download the Going Balls mod using the happy mod app.

Install the happy mod app after downloading it, and you can then install the Going Balls mod with only one click.

How can I download the Going Balls mod apk and Going Balls APK? They are safe?

Yes, it’s secure. Going Balls’ original and modified apks are both available through HappyMod. 

It is safe to download and install any of them on an Android device.

Any mods for games and applications are available for free download at happymod, and the company promises that all of its files have been scanned by more than 30 antivirus programs. 

Final thoughts

Going Balls is undoubtedly a terrific mobile game for Android users to pass the time and have fun because of its straightforward gameplay. 

The modified app on our website will give you even more reasons to love it.

Frequently ASk Questions:

How safe is this Going Balls mod?

Yes, it is secure.

Why am I unable to install this mod?

The original must first be uninstalled.

How do I fix the package parsing error?

  • Perhaps the option to allow installation from unidentified sources was disabled;
  • The damaged or incompletely downloaded Going Balls apk;
  • Your hardware and OS version are incompatible with the software.

How can I discover an adventure, RPG, or music mod?

These are available on the categories page of the HappyMod app.

How can the download bug be fixed?

In case the server is busy, try again after some time. Also, don’t abruptly stop and resume because downloading takes time.

How do I upload or request a mod?

With only one click, you can locate these in the HappyMod app.

How is an obb mod file installed?

This capability has been enhanced by HappyMod, and you may now install them using HappyMod with only one click.

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