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Dragon Ball Legends is a fighting game where players want to see the popular anime game’s characters once more and are captivated by the action-packed matches.

You will really desire to approach the already existing connection of this game and conquer a large range of foes to win.

At the same time, each match brings an awesome inclination in light of the character’s abilities, and the cutscenes declare an urgent second going to show up.

Dragon ball animated characters are here!

If you like the well-known anime series Dragon Ball, you won’t be able to miss Dragon Ball Legends.

Because this game includes characters from DBZ and DBS, you will come across a lot of powerful characters and utilize them to defeat a variety of enemies.

These characters are easily controlled by players with just one hand at a time. It is subsequently reasonable for various viewers. 

The updated variant of the game incorporates explicit enhancements to a few game mechanics.

The PVP reward system was changed when the list of items that can yield awards was increased.

When choosing the members of your party to battle alongside you, you can designate one character as the leader, and gamers often choose strong leader characters.

Beautiful battles can’t get your attention

Whether or not they have prior fighting game experience, players in Dragon Ball Legends can participate in brutal battles.

This element is the consequence of the player swiping to control the character, tapping to launch attacks, and holding to refuel the ki.

Additionally, by utilizing the Art Cards on the right side of the screen, each character’s potential can be fully realized.

This workmanship card can possibly make dazzling attacks, however, utilizing it costs a specific amount of ki.

In this way, you should pick when to refuel to stop an attack on the person or give time for partners to help. 

Each time you use a card, a dragon ball will similarly appear on the ok 50% of the screen.

Your purpose is to search all seven cards; one can arrange these in a straight line if they have guts.

If you are pursued by an enemy and experience a basic loss of health, get down on another individual to help the individual as of now on the field.

One character will fight, however many characters can be controlled.

Similar to this, when you multiply into the likeness of an ally, they will appear in your support and at times even join in combat with enemies.

Once you have seven balls, your powerful attack will cause extra damage if you select a card other than the enemy’s pick.

Participate in amazing PVP matches

You can choose from a number of quests or take on other players while playing Dragon Ball Legends.

At the point when you are on missions, the game will occasionally get more earnest and you will find out about major areas of strength for them.

While summoning powerful individuals, you can also boost the overall strength of your team. As a result of your call, a beautiful cutscene will appear. Participate in a never-ending combat with other Dragon Ball fans from around the globe.

Primary Features:

  • Confront rivals or friends in competition to get up the scoreboard. Popular characters from the anime series DBZ, DBS, and DBGT are reachable.
  • Different fan top decisions are linked with this anime movement RPG, including Goku’s Super Saiyan structures, Frieza, Cell, Krilin, and Tien.
  • Play a brand-new Akira Toriyama character!
  • With all of your favourite characters, Goku sets out on a brand-new adventure.
  • Reimagined classic DB anime activities with high-definition 3D characters and settings.
  • Smooth character animations use modern interpretations of classic special effects.
  • Character voice acting is also included.
  • Your favourite 3D Dragon Ball characters are simple to control.
  • To unleash combos, use the basic card-based attack gameplay.
  • To release the dangerous, group-based Rising Rush attack, fill Dragon ball openings during battle.

MOD features

  • One Strike
  • One kill win
  • The sub quests have all been finished.

How to Install?

Installing First, finish the tutorial

To enable MOD features, first finish the in-game tutorial, From the menu, enable the MOD features

After the tutorial is over. Please use the MOD Menu to turn on the desired functionality.

Download Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK for Android.

This year, Dragon Ball Legends is a game you simply must play. Anyone who likes the Dragon Ball anime, in my opinion, will adore this game. Believe me. You’ll enjoy it.

What's new

【Issues Fixed】
- Fixed various bugs



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