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♥Us cute catz hav arrived hooman!♥
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Dec 21, 2022
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(After completing the tutorial, you can receive the reward in the mailbox)


A family and even a group of cuddly cat neighbors coexist here. Each cat will have a specific chore to complete, and they will be the strangest extended family ever. They will mainly prepare and make delicious soups for themselves.

Cats & Soup mod apk is an excellent game for anyone who enjoys animals, particularly cats. An area where you can own a variety of different species of cats.

What’s the Gameplay?

Cats & Soup is a relaxing and light weekend leisure game with no enemies, fighting, or violent weaponry.

If you like cat bosses, you will certainly enjoy it. In this weirdly charming woodland, all species of cats have congregated. Ragdoll cat, Norwegian wildcat, Birman cat, Himalayan cat, Maine Coon cat, Siberian cat, British Shorthair cat.

They are enhanced by delicate, smooth hand drawing and carefree rhythmic movements. For cat lovers, this is more than simply a forest full of cats; it’s a woodland straight out of a fairy tale.

You may simply interact with all of the cats here after you enter the forest. Put on lovely outfits, caps, spectacles, and flowers in their hair.

What are the main features of the game Cats & Soup?

1. Cat worlds, like in a fairy tale 

You probably never imagined walking into a wonderful landscape full of beautiful cats of various species. If such is your wish, don’t be afraid to visit Cats & Soup, the fantasy world of cat lovers.

When you first begin this game, you will find yourself in a dreamy woodland, where you’re adorable kitties can be found. In this game, you will meet a variety of renowned cats from around the world, and they will be yours.

2. Make your own outfit and appearance for your cat

To accentuate each cat’s personality, you should change their clothes on a regular basis. Don’t be hesitant to replenish them because each cat will bring its own set of benefits to the office while also beautifying your forest. 

Players can easily customize the appearance of each cat in the game by regularly changing their attire. The female cats will be dressed in gorgeous pastel pink attire, while the boys will be dressed in trendy denim. Of course, gamers can swap out and add new cat accessories.

3. Take pictures of your kitties to help you name them and create memories for them.

You will have a forest full of varied cats in Cats & Soup; name them all so you can identify and name one more intimately. 

Because each cat has its own personality and individuality, you are free to name it whatever you choose. In addition, by photographing their pets, players can save memories of them. 

Any motion, facial expression, or daily activity can be recorded using frames. Cats will return your affection. When you offer something, you almost always get something equal to or much more value in return. 

Cats & Soup players will receive genuine hearts from their cute pets. It is seen as a prize or a thank you that they bestow on you. You can obtain the fish you have earned when you feed them. 

Players will earn fish by completing easy tasks and offering them as gifts to cats. Watching cats in action is the finest way to relax. The design of this game, from the sound to the graphics, is more realistic than in previous versions. 

4. “Cool” ambiance in the forest with the cats for maximum relaxation:

You can also enjoy the “cool” ambiance in the forest with the cats for maximum relaxation from there. Each sound in this game precisely looks like the wonderful clamors made by felines when they are dynamic.

5. Gather a variety of cooking items. 

This is a game for individuals of all ages, and you may play it regardless of where you are because every control in this game is made to be simple to use.

You should visit the cats on a regular basis so that you can easily obtain the items that occur while participating. You’ll be able to find more ingredients and cat-friendly recipes as you gather more items.

What are the features of Cats & Soup mod apk?

The Cats & Soup mod apk version has more features and improvements that can improve the gameplay. These qualities include the following:

Unlimited resources: This gives players extra choices for shielding their locale and makes the game more straightforward to play by permitting them to buy however many pinnacles and progressions as they pick.

Levels unlocked: This empowers players to quickly get to each even out in the game, permitting them to bounce into the activity and test their abilities on the hardest levels.

The game’s mod apk rendition could incorporate extra game modes, for example, endurance or limitless mode, that furnish players with considerably more prominent difficulties and assortment.

The game’s mod apk variant might highlight further developed designs and sound impacts, which would expand inundation and tomfoolery.

By and large, Cats & Soup mod apk form offers more highlights and augmentations that could expand the interactivity’s pleasure and trouble.

How to download Cats & Soup mod apk?

If it’s not too much trouble, adhere to these guidelines to get the Cats & Soup mod apk:

  • Cats & Soup mod apk can be found through a web engine.
  • To buy the game, pick a dependable site. It is fundamental to pick a free from any potential harm site to forestall downloading infections or other perilous things.
  • Click “Download” when you make quick work of the page.
  • Presently, the changed apk document will begin downloading.

How to Install the Cats & Soup mod apk?

  • Click the file twice.
  • Select “Allow” to complete the installation if the game asks permission to use a feature on your phone, like the camera or location.
  • You can send off the game immediately after establishment to begin playing. Utilize the extra elements and augmentations in the game’s mod apk rendition!


It’s important to be informed that installing and downloading mod apk files could be risky.


In general, playing Cats & Soup mod apk will make you feel fully at ease. This game can be enjoyed before night, at the start of a new day, over the summer or while riding the bus.

It is very gentle, does not demand anything complicated, does not have a highly stressful duty. Cats & Soup is as straightforward as its name suggests.


Is Cats & Soup mod apk free to play?

Yes, Cats & Soup mod apk may be downloaded and played for free on iOS and Android devices. 

Can I play Cats & Soup mod apk on my PC?

Cats & Soup mod apk is primarily a mobile game and is available to download and play on iOS and Android devices. While it is not officially available to play on PC, some players have reported success in using emulators to play the game on their computers. However, this is not supported by the game developers and may not work for all players.

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