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The board game Carrom Pool is fun for a large group of people. To win, you must place all of your pieces on the board before your opponent does. Are you capable of beating their abilities? Install Carrom Pool MOD APK. You have clear access to a range of features, which exponentially enhance your experience!
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Dec 2, 2022
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Carrom Pool mod APK is a Miniclip-created online game. Indeed, we all played games of this genre as youngsters, and this game does an excellent job of evoking nostalgia in its users. The cool thing about this edition, though, is that it has multiplayer capabilities and allows you to compete against others from across the world.

Carrom Pool game’s rules are as straightforward as any other carrom game. You first drag the striker horizontally to the location you want it to be, then you drag it again to set its speed and direction, and finally, you let go of it. If you are able to get more marbles into the hole than your opponent by the end of the game, you will be declared the winner. 

Carrom Pool’s graphic design and sound effects are fantastic.  It makes this game significantly easier than it truly is. Caution is advised, as this game can become quite addicting after just a few plays.

Carrom Pool is always fun with the family. In alternate variants of this game, four players can simultaneously compete from each of the board’s four sides. Despite being a popular tabletop game, this online Carrom Pool variant only supports a maximum of two players. 


The official Carrom Pool board game has been adapted into the Carrom Pool MOD APK. You may get a tonne of paid additions for free in this mod apk.  Everyone knows that to play any game and have a traditional gaming experience, you must spend money.

Additionally, this modded APK does not include any advertising in all of its iterations.  Yes, an ad-free experience will improve the user’s disposition and make them significantly happier.

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No matter where you go online, you will encounter advertisements; however, thanks to our Carrom Pool MOD APK, you will not be bothered by any obnoxious advertisements. This mod pack safeguards your game in its entirety and activates anti-theft mechanisms, so you may keep playing this premium indoor game indefinitely. 


  1. smooth management

Carrom Pool provides players with comprehensive controls and facilitates interaction with opponents from across the globe. Everything is understandable and manageable.

If you’ve ever played the traditional board game Carrom, you’ll be right at home with this online version. In Carrom Pool: The Board Game, players must strike with their cheapest cube and attempt to put it into any hole. You will receive one stripe area in which to maneuver your striker and aim for your goal.

If you fail to insert a cheap card (either white or black), your opportunity will pass to your opponent, and you will be required to wait until your opponent misses a shot.

  1. Online mode with sophisticated game features

Assist your friends and family in downloading Carrom and forming a team to make the game more thrilling. The 3D graphics are exceptional and provide each user with a unique experience. Every single strike feels exactly like the real thing.

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With the online mode, matchmaking is possible from all over the world. You may battle with the top players on the leaderboard and prove who the champion is. It also allows you to challenge your Facebook pals to a game.

We advise you to play the game in online mode if you have a stable internet connection.  Because competing against a human opponent is superior to competing against a computer.

  1. It is completely free.

There is no monetary cost associated with downloading this fantastic game to your mobile device. You need an Internet connection and free memory to play. 

A further advantage of Carrom Pool: The Board Game is that India and other South Asian and Pakistani countries can also play the quality board game. It resembles playing the classic carrom board with minimal inconveniences.

  1. Instructions for novice players

Online tutorials guide players throughout the game. It aids them in understanding particular laws, regulations, and scoring strategies. The multiplayer game supports many winning and high-scoring methods. In the available online courses, strategies for defeating opponents are also explained in detail.

Furthermore, beautiful background music constantly encourages you to take the best actions. The game is more fun to play thanks to the realistic sound effects. 


There are numerous Carrom Pool Mod APK features, some of which are detailed here.

  1. No ads

The majority of Carrom Pool mods have a large number of advertisements that interrupt your gameplay. Our top priority is to enhance your experience, which is why we offer a Carrom Pool hack without advertisements.

  1. Unlimited skin selections

Trust me! It takes a very long time to play, win, and gather all the skins available during the seasons from various riches. Therefore, we have assembled several free skins that require no further effort. Simply choose the skin you prefer and play with it. How easy is that?

  1. Unrestricted coins and gems

It’s aggravating to gather coins and gems when you’re only given a handful and told to handle them correctly. Are you guys even playing? 

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In Carrom Pool Mod APK, money and gems are endless, so you do not need to think twice about purchasing strikers or joining arenas where large amounts of coins are required.

  1. Unlock strikers and pucks.

similar to the other characteristics Strikers and pucks are beyond your capabilities. All strikers and pucks that you receive as rewards for winning are already unlocked, but those that are available for purchase can be easily obtained with the game’s endless riches.

  1. Auto-Aim

People who are fixated on succeeding in their tasks crave this characteristic more than any other feature.  As this is an optional feature, we only give it alongside the Carrom Pool MOD APK

  1. Purchase Items from Stores

In this game’s upper-right corner, you will find the Shop Section. Here you will find numerous goods, including gems, master chests, supreme chests, and pro chests, among others. 

You will need thousands of dollars to acquire all of these products. Not to worry! We’ve changed the game to include these features and objects. 


Obtaining the Carrom Pool Mod APK is a cakewalk. To download, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Download the most recent version of Carrom Pool Mod APK from the link provided.
  2. To install the APK file that you downloaded, just double-click on it. 
  3. In order to install software from unknown sources, your device may prompt you to allow this. Navigate to the Settings menu, then choose Security, and finally, Unknown Sources. 
  4. Enable installation from unknown sources thereafter.
  5. Tap the Install now button on your Android phone or tablet to get the Carrom Pool app installed.
  6. After that, you will need to wait as the program downloads.
  7. By playing Carrom, you may now get the ultimate gaming experience.

Wrapping Up!

Would you rather play an exciting game with your loved ones or one that is more appropriate for adults? If you’re looking for a simple entertainment game based on the classic Carrom Game in which you compete to earn more tokens than your rivals, go no further than Carrom Pool Mod APK!


How to Play the Modified Carrom Pool APK?

Download Carom from the URL provided. You can play Carrom Classic Mode and Carom Disc Pool as long as you like after installing and playing the game. Gems, gold, dollars, etc., are unlimited.  that you can earn or spend. Carrom is quite engrossing, therefore you should play it immediately!

What Can I Get from Playing Carrom?

While playing carom, it is possible to earn prizes, bonuses, or coins. It also has infinite coins, jewels, and cash, so gamers need not worry about anything; they may play as much as they like without any constraints.

Who Needs to Play Carrom Pool Mod APK?

Because there are no age limits imposed on playing carom, the program should be well received by players of all ages. This makes playing the game with friends, family, etc. even more fun. 

Is it risk-free to make the download?

Yes! Our team works hard to make sure the game works well and doesn’t have any viruses, so you can play it without worrying.

Do I receive all the features stated in the game’s description?

All Carrom boards and arenas are unlocked, and there are no limits on gems or gold coins in this premium modified edition.  Download this game by clicking here!

Can I be permanently banned from the game?

With the Carrom Pool Mod APK, you may play without worrying about getting banned from the official servers. Consequently, you do not need to log in to the app to use all of its functions. Install and start playing!

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