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Buddy Toss is super fun and makes me laugh every time!
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Dec 28, 2022
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Buddy Toss Mod Apk was created to produce a game with a humorous premise that meets the demands of players of all ages for amusement. 

You will have the most delightful time playing the game because of its basic gameplay and fully original design.

Features Of Buddy Toss MOD APK
Vip, Unlimited Stars
Unlocked Skins
Free Shopping
Mod, Free Shopping
Mod Money
Unlimited Money
Vip, Unlocked

Players may experience the game’s freshness from the game’s image, which features vivid colors and various characters with a variety of themes for them to choose from.

What’s the Gameplay Of the Buddy Toss Game?

The gameplay of the Buddy toss mod apk, Timely Touch, can be summed up in only two terms. After your initial touch, a strong character or wrestler will throw your character into the air.

To get this character flinging you up into the air once more, you must keep tapping your screen. To increase the height of the throw, repeat this maneuver.

It’s vital to remember that as the throw gets higher, you’ll get more points. This can seem stupid at first, but as you play, you’ll see how fascinating the game is. 

Do you wish to defy the rules of physics? To do this, you should download and install this game on your mobile device.

You should be aware that you can soar as high as a 30-story building in this game. You can even venture into space to get away from the earth’s gravitational pull.

This can be used to investigate the solar system and several galaxies. It’s crucial to remember that you can search for Jedi without a starship.

What are the Features Of Buddy Toss MOD APK?

1. Toss and turn

As was already noted, the game has a simple interface and doesn’t require any tricky manipulation mechanics. To launch characters into the air, the player merely needs to press.

Until the person you tossed returns to where you were standing, you will keep throwing momentum to make your next throw go higher.

The value of the awards you receive and the quantity of rewards you accumulate will both be inversely correlated to the highest height at which you can throw, 

So attempt to combine your throws to produce the most essential throw possible to push the guy as high as you can.

Along with the aforementioned, the game has a tonne of exciting features that are just waiting for you to investigate, pick one as your core, and let it grow in significance as you try to send the bad guy flying across the globe.

An incredibly humorous and intriguing game by CurryGames. Currently, games with tangible rules are becoming more and more well-liked. 

Angry Birds is unequivocal evidence of this. The game we’re introducing to you today also features a really unique mechanism. 

You can change your mood with this humorous game if you become bored playing games with high-quality visuals, such as PUBG Mobile.

2. Character choice

You can select the main character in the game from a large cast of characters with a variety of appearances and playing styles. 

You can unlock gorgeous characters by exchanging awards you’ve earned or by using other methods. 

While using your favourite character and living up to your standards will make you feel more fascinating, having a character has no bearing on how you play. 

The player will feel better when choosing and customising the easily adjustable characters because the most crucial aspect of an amusing game is to satisfy the player’s urge for enjoyment.

3. Find a lot of new planets

What would occur if you could reach a high enough altitude in the sky? 

The Sun, Moon, Mars, and other planets will all be reachable for players to touch once they have ascended high enough to leave the earth’s atmosphere. 

Even after reaching altitudes well beyond these planets’ orbits, players will still be able to find new planets in their spheres of influence.

The many locales and scenery that players can visit match to the various worlds they will come upon. 

So be ready to soar as you explore the vast, beautiful universe full of fascinating worlds.

4. Amplify strength

What should you do to throw farther and faster so that you can experience more amazing things faster? Or if you simply like to gain strength in order to throw further and quicker? 

To increase your strength, you must make trade-offs with the benefits you receive in order to upgrade your muscles. 

You have a range of upgrading options at your disposal, from slow to speedy and from weak to powerful. Pick one that best suits your skill level and strengthens your character!

5. Joyful image

The game includes wholesome gameplay and a very fresh colour range loaded with appropriate hues perfectly suited to youngsters, offering them a joyful play through bright, cheery colours. 

It is intended to create a fun, interesting game that is additionally appropriate for all ages. 

If the player is an adult, the game will provide them with a calm experience, but if it is a youngster, this game is ideal due to the bright colours it adds and the fact that it is a pleasant, healthy activity.

Primary features Buddy Toss Game :

  1. All ages can enjoy some healthy fun thanks to the welcoming graphics and relaxing hues. 
  2. The new gameplay that incorporates tossing is enjoyable and satisfies the player’s desire for enjoyment.
  3. Throw high to find more extrasolar planets and other things.
  4. The user can easily modify their character to improve their throwing ability.
  5. Perfectly concise controls match the needs of busy people for pleasure.

Buddy Toss MOD’s MOD APK version 

Unlimited Stars: 

In addition to wanting to scale greater heights, many players also desire stunning skins. However, the price of purchasing skins is rather high. 

If you want more stars, you must play a lot and watch a lot of commercials. Consider downloading Buddy Toss MOD APK to save time. 

You receive a lot of stars as soon as the game begins. If you wish to get the MOD version, you must first uninstall the Google Play version.

VIP Unlocked:

No longer harassed by advertising after unlocking VIP status. If you’ve used up every star in the MOD version, watch a promotional video to quickly get more stars.

Game Design

Buddy Toss has fantastic graphics that will make you smile. Bright colours and a cartoony appearance are used in its design. 

This game will make you chuckle at everything. You wouldn’t want to miss the characters’ hilarious screams.

Free Download Buddy Toss Mod APK – Everything is Unlocked

For Android, get the Buddy Toss MOD APK

Generally speaking, Buddy Toss MOD APK is a straightforward, entertaining, and cost-free game. 

The game is suitable for everyone, including kids, as there is no element of violence and everything is humorously mimicked. 

Maybe the game may make you feel a little uncomfortable if you’re terrified of heights!

The game’s mod features are listed below.

Numerous Stars

In addition to achieving new levels in the game, every player aspires to own gorgeous skins.

In the Mod version, you would have unlimited stars that you could use to buy these skins. It’s vital to keep in mind that in the original game, these skins were expensive. 

Enhanced characters

Buddy Toss only allows character upgrading as a method of upgrade. Your character can fly higher after each toss once they have been upgraded. 

How do you do that? You’ll receive a certain number of stars from the game after each game. To enhance your character in the store, use this star number.

Additionally, you can purchase character-specific costumes and accessories, including clothes, hair, spectacles, shoes.

There are 51 outfits and 32 accessories available that are based on well-known figures including Darth Vader, the Jedi, Spider-Man, Batman, and more.


Buddy Toss’ visual design features vibrant colours and a cartoony style that is highly humorous. At how they reproduce everything, you might chuckle.

As you soar through space, you may experience feelings similar to those of Ant-Man in the quantum realm, which is full of psychedelic hues and abstract pictures. 

Additionally, the characters’ gasps when he falls are amusing.


To achieve new heights, play Buddy Toss’ most recent version on your smartphone.

Frequently Ask Questions About Buddy Toss MOD Apk:

Is this Buddy Toss mod safe ?

Yes, it’s safe.

Why can’t I install this mod ?

First, you must uninstall the original.

How to solve Problem parsing package error ?

  • It’s possible that you have Allow installation from unknown resources disabled;
  • The Buddy Toss apk download is damaged or not complete;
  • The hardware and OS version you are using are incompatible with the app.

How to find Offline/Online, adventure, RPG, music mod ?

These are available in the categories page of the app.

How to fix the download bug ?

If the server is busy, try again later. Also, don’t abruptly stop and resume because downloading takes time.

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