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Upgrade your characteristics and become more and more destructive!
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Dec 14, 2022
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Game Introduction

If you are stressed and want to pass your time and are looking for a game that is quite easy and interesting, then you must try bucket crusher. It has very simple gameplay, and every person can play this game, even kids.

Game Introduction

VOODOO is the developer of this game. It has stunning graphics, which makes the game more interesting.in this game, you will break the wall bricks with the machine as much as possible. The game has multiple levels, and you must complete each level to unlock the next levels. Many people download this game because it’s easy and simple to play.

Many people like this game all over the world. It gives an amazing experience to players.

Gameplay Info

Bucket crusher is a simple game with simple controls. To begin with, you will have multiple levels to play through one by one. There are wall bricks on each level, and your goal is to destroy them.

 And you’re wondering what you will use to destroy the bricks. You will have a machine that can destroy all the bricks with assistance.

You will see that destroying them all is extremely difficult, but you will begin with small bricks. Other bricks will be easy to destroy as you progress. 

You will have fuel to help you operate the machine. You may, however, run out of fuel. As a result, you must recharge your fuel regularly by picking up the gas cans. You must also complete the level quickly to save fuel.

 Each level will see different designs and smooth music to help you de-stress from stress. It’s very relaxing and simple to play. Simply download, tap the screen, and swipe to play.

General Features Of Bucket Crusher Mod Apk

Destroy everything in your way

The game has several levels and straightforward gameplay. Each level features a unique design and colorfully constructed structure, and your goal is to destroy them all. You will earn more money and rewards by destroying the bricks.

Destroy everything in your way

The more coins you collect, the more bricks you destroy. These coins can be used to unlock and upgrade items. As you progress through the game, the levels become more complex and difficult to destroy, necessitating powerful equipment. To destroy it, touch the screen in the center of the wheel with your finger.

Then, swipe your finger across the screen to spin your wheel and make unique cracks in the structure. You will use a variety of skills and abilities. That is how you destroy it. It’s entirely up to you. As you spin, the wheel breaks, the bricks fall to the ground, and the money is added to your inventory. As a result, the players gain limitless experience.

Machine upgrade

You can upgrade your bucket crusher, and every part has unique benefits. For example, you have different parts that you can upgrade, such as the length of the crane, fuel tank, bucket size, and also crane speed. And you will upgrade with coins you get by destroying the wall bricks.

  • Length of the crane.

The structure has grown in size and strength. You also cannot stand in a specific position. To destroy the wall bricks, you must increase the length. And the crane’s length determines how far you can reach to destroy the bricks. You will use coins to upgrade the crane and advance your game. You can destroy more bricks and earn more coins by increasing the length of the crane. As you upgrade, you can increase and decrease the length of the crane in seconds according to the situation.

  • Bucket size

You can only destroy a limited number of bricks with small bucket sizes. Therefore, you must increase the bucket size. With a larger bucket size, you can destroy all bricks at once, earn more coins, and progress through the game more quickly.

  • Fuel tank

You will lose the game if you run out of fuel. As a result, you must upgrade the fuel tank to stay longer and earn more money to destroy the bricks.

  • Crane speed

You can increase the crane speed by upgrading with coins. You can cross-level more quickly with crane speed and earn more money. 

You can make the game more exciting by upgrading these features, and it can also help you relax all the time.

Unlock unique building

The bucket crusher has distinctive and colorful structures. At first, the structure will be very simple and unappealing, but as you progress, you will see various designs of buildings shaped like avocados, cartoons, liberty, and much more. Furthermore, the size and height of the wall will increase with each level. You’ll need more powerful equipment and money to unlock the levels. 

Unlock unique building

What Is The Mod Feature Of Bucket Crusher Mod Apk?

Unlimited Money

The mod version gives you unlimited money. So you can upgrade the length of the crane, bucket size, fuel, and crane speed with unlimited money. Moreover, you can upgrade without running out of the limited coins you earn by playing every level.

Unlimited fuel

The mod version gives you unlimited fuel. So now you can play freely with an unlimited amount of fuel and win the level more easily.

No Ads

The mod version removes all the ads that disturb you while playing this game. You will not face any advertisements in the premium version. Your focus should be on destroying the bricks.


There are various building structures with colorful designs. This was accomplished through graphics, which provide a realistic view of each building and immerse players in the game.


How To Download The Bucket Crusher Mod Apk?

Bucket crusher is a simulation game in which you destroy all the bricks with the help of an escalator, and as much you destroy, you earn more coins. Millions of people download this game and play, so what are you looking for? Download it right now and explore different types of buildings and destroy them.

  • To download this game from the website of apkbuns.com
  • Open your mobile browser, and search in the bar
  • Look for the bucket crusher, and you can also get it from the below link
  • Find the download button by scrolling down the page 
  • And click on download and wait for 10 secs to download this file.

How To Install The Bucket Crusher Mod Apk?

You may face problems while installing it. Because it needs permission to install on your device. Use the six installation processes outlined below to install any app on your mobile device successfully.

  • Navigate to the Security Setting in Settings.
  • Choose Obtain Unknown Resources
  • After selecting it, enable the Unknown Resources option.
  • Open the app download file on the smartphone by finding it there.
  • To install an application, select the install button.


Bucket crusher mod apk is a straightforward game in which you use the crane to destroy all the bricks. You will see various high and strong buildings, and you must use your machine to destroy them all. You earn more money and coins as you destroy the bricks. You can upgrade the machine and advance in the game more quickly. The graphics are high-resolution, and the audio quality is superb. This game will not bore you and will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Frequently Ask Questions.

Is it really give you unlimited money?

Yes, the mod version gives you unlimited money coins. You can use everything without any restrictions.

Can we play bucket crusher offline?

Yes, you can play bucket crusher offline. As a result, you will not be bored and can play it for hours.

Is it safe to download the bucket crusher?

Yes, it is safe to download and play. Your device will not be harmed by this game.

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