Who is the Final Boss in Shadow Fight 2?


In the Shadow Fight 2 game, the player will face many bosses as they progress in the game. Battling and defeating these bosses can result in special rewards like legendary weapons. 

The bosses in the game are generally of 2 types, demons, and eternal. In the single-player mode of the game, you will face the demon bosses.

Shadowland Bosses

Shadowland bosses are the human-turned demons that came to this world from the gates of shadow. Shadow accidentally set them free when he opened the gates of shadows. These demons are minions of Titan and are loyal to him.

Now Shadow will have to battle them one by one, obtain a special seal to send them back to the world they came from, and close the gates once and for all.

There are six demon bosses you must face before battling the final boss. Each one of these demon bosses will have five bodyguards in tow. You must defeat said bodyguard before you can fight the shadowland boss himself.

Defeating the shadowland bosses will usually result in special rewards such as a magical seal and some special powers. If you defeat them once more in eclipse, you can obtain their weapon for yourself.

Shadow Fight 2 Final Boss: Titan

Finally, after defeating all of the shadowland bosses, you get to face the final boss of Shadow Fight 2, which is Titan.

The mighty Titan is the main antagonist of the Shadow Fight 2 series. Titan is a conqueror of worlds, and he possesses the power to bend people’s memories and thoughts.

Through his powers, he has amassed an army of minions for himself and conquered countless worlds. The six demons are known to fear Titan. He also has other hidden powers that are not known to most people.


Titan’s weapon is the desolator which is a heavy and bulky two-handed sword with a handle to the side. Because of its large size and weight, Titan can’t use his weapon as freely as other bosses. Also, the player cannot obtain the desolator even after defeating Titan in eclipse mode.

How to defeat Titan in Shadow Fight 2?

Like the other bosses in Shadow Fight 2, Titan has his bodyguards with him. Before the fight begins, they mock the demons and claim to be more powerful than them. Titan also claims that his bodyguards are stronger than Shadow.

You must defeat Titan’s bodyguards before you can take him on. During the fight with the bodyguards, the “Citadel” music track is played in the background. The location for the bodyguard fight is also different from the Titan fight. 


Once you defeat all of Titan’s bodyguards, Titan will send another for your way. May, who was once possessed by Titan and lost in the Gate of Shadows, is sent to fight Shadow. The “Final Boss” soundtrack is played as the player battles with May.

Finally, after defeating all his minions, you get to face Titan himself. The soundtrack for this battle is “Titan Epic Fight.”

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