Who is Owner of Dr Driving?

Who is Owner of Dr Drivinga

Dr. Driving is a fun driving simulation game available from the Play Store, and it has amassed 500 million downloads. Dr. Driving provides a unique driving game experience for users, which has made it a massive hit among users.

Dr. Driving is ultimately a driving simulator, but it is unique in its approach to driving gameplay. Unlike other car games that only offer fast-paced races, Dr. Driving also provides the option for a relaxed driving experience. 

In the game, you will be given various challenges that require you to drive to different parts of the city and perform certain actions. While finishing all of these challenges, you can enjoy the background scenery and city landscape. 

Due to the game’s massive popularity, people have taken an interest in Dr. Driving. Many users also like to enjoy the Dr. Driving game on a large PC screen for a better gameplay experience. 

Who owns Dr. Driver?

Some fans are also curious about the owner of Dr. Driving. If you want to know who created and published Dr. Driving, we can provide the answer.

Dr. Driving was published by SUD Inc, a Korean game studio. SUD Inc. is a studio known for its Android game releases, and they have been active since 2012.

Who owns Dr. Driver

As of 2022, SUD Inc has published over 22 games on the Play Store. Many of these games have done exceedingly well since launch and frequently appear on the top 100 charts of over five countries.

SUD Inc’s most successful gaming titles include Dr. Driving and Dr. Parking 4. Both of them frequently amass hundreds of thousands of downloads monthly, and both have been downloaded 100 million times from the Play Store. 


Dr. Driving was created and published by SUD Inc. It is a Korean gaming studio and publisher that previously created multiple hits for Android mobile.

Dr. Driving provides a unique driving gameplay experience which has made it a fan favorite. Dr. Driving has been downloaded over 500 million times since its release.

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