What Subway Surfers Board Is the Best

What Subway Surfers Board Is the Best

It is important to include the rewards for completing daily tasks since they give players the chance to obtain new hoverboards while talking about the greatest hoverboards in Subway Surfers.

The majority of these daily tasks rely on your ability to avoid obstacles and whether you can collect enough cash, keys, and particular things to unlock characters and hoverboards. 

In-game purchases and connecting your Facebook account to the game may have allowed you to unlock the hoverboards, which, unlike what some people may think, is a perfectly acceptable method of obtaining the hoverboards.

Even while some of these boards may be expensive in terms of Coins , they are still worthwhile because they each come with special benefits.

Additionally, Coins are quite easy to collect; nevertheless, keys could be more challenging.

In Subway Surfers , there are an incredible number of various hoverboards that you might be able to unlock, but we’ll be happy to compile a list of the greatest ones for you.

Remember that the top board is regarded as the best, with the boards that follow being debatably adequate in their own right.

Some of these boards may not have any upgradable capabilities, while others may have particular qualities that make them stand out from competition. 

Having said that, each board has unique advantages, and the only way to know if a board is a good fit for your style is to test them out.

Another important point is that you should try to stack your skills so that each one magnifies the other’s effects.

This will only be your advantage and extend your run time. Let’s find out what the finest hoverboard in Subway Surfers is and how to unlock it without further ado.

Monster Board:

The monster board must occupy the top spot. It has 3 different appearances, the first of which is a smooth board with angry eyes on top, twin exhausts facing backward, and a monster- green tint.

The “speed up” support, which provides the monster board a more cutting edge appearance with the exhaust running up the sides and adapting to the sides, can, however, make the beast board significantly more horrendous.

The second type has a more unremarkable exterior with the trademark monster green colour and minimal exhaust. 

Monster Board

If you can keep your hoverboard metre up, this board must be among the fastest available for coin purchase, costing only 30,000 coins.

Once you’ve bought the board, you can upgrade to the 2014 Speed Up feature for 50 keys.

Additionally, you’ll want the Super Jump update from 2015 so that you may leap over any obstacle, including trains and obviously guard gates.

The Monster Board with both improvements, according to one user, is unstoppable .

Another user concurs, stating, I have each upgrade in the game, and I would contend that the monster board with the two redesigns is the best.

Great White Boat 

This hoverboard is the only one in Subway Surfers that resembles a great white shark, so let’s start there. Hoverboard research indicates that it is also the second fastest board available in the game.

It will safeguard you from colliding for a total of 30 seconds, just like any other hoverboard in the game. The board will burst if or when you crash, then recharge for a short period of time before you can use it again.

Great White Boat 

You can buy the Great White Board for 20,000 Coins to unlock it. In addition to the Smooth Drift upgrade, the great whiteboard also has a Speed Up upgrade that may be added to make it move more quickly.

Cost of this upgrade is 60 keys. It makes fitting that this board uses the same surfboard animation as the surfboard hoverboards given that they have the same form. 

The Skull fire board:

The New York edition of Subway Surfers marked the introduction of the skull fire hoverboard, which can be upgraded with both the double jump and speed up features.

These enhancements, however, can only be added separately; they cannot be used simultaneously.It has a hotrod-like vibe because of its speed and flame design.

The Skull fire board

The skull fire hoverboard needs to recharge because, like the majority of hoverboards, it will blow up when you crash. But for 30 seconds, it will stop you from falling.

You can tell you are going to burn over the railroad tracks by the flames shooting out of the board’s front, leaving the inspector and his dog far behind.

The Telephone Board:

Given that it resembles a rideable portal, this hoverboard has one of the most distinctive designs. 

The teleporter board’s special ability to whiz sideways instantly lets you switch lanes in a matter of milliseconds.

The Telephone Board

Having said that, the board makes up for its lack of speed with its practicality. Although this board cannot be upgraded, it is still a competitor to be taken into account when deciding which hoverboard to utilize.

The Hotrod Board:

The Hotrod Board

Due to the hotrod’s unique ability to Speed Up, you will be able to navigate the tracks with ease. That being said, the hotrod board is not a limited release. 280,000 Coins must be deposited in kind to access this board.

Both the Mumbai and Mexico City versions as well as the Bangkok update offered this hoverboard for free. One of the few boards that may give off the character vibe when surfing is the hotrod board.

This hoverboard is perhaps the most attractive model, with its own engine set at the front and blazes and depletes licking in reverse.

The DareDevil Board:

The DareDevil Board

Even though this hoverboard costs 85,000 Coins, its Speed Up special ability, which propels you forward at astounding speeds, should make it worthwhile.

Since the board is constructed like a rocket, it naturally shields the user from crashers for 30 seconds; however, once you crash, the board explodes and needs some time to recharge.

The daredevil board ; upgrades, which is unfortunate, but it’s incredible speed more than makes up for it.

The Windglider:

This hoverboard costs 360,000 Coins to acquire, making it the most expensive hoverboard in the game. However, because it includes the Smooth Drift special feature, it might be worthwhile.

The Tokyo variant of the Windglider was released in 2014. The board gives the impression that you are flying through the train tracks in an aeroplane.

The “Smooth Drift” ability of the board, formerly known as “Air Drift,” enables you to glide downward for a brief period of time while your wings expand out, giving you a significant advantage when you leap.

The Windglider

Moreover, the Windglider board will glide higher when the super shoes are engaged, enabling you to fly over both barriers and trains.

We sincerely hope that this feature helps you find the finest hoverboard for you. If so, please think about forwarding this post to a friend who may not be too familiar with hoverboards or each one’s unique benefits.

The Bouncer Board:

The Bouncer board may not be the quickest in the game, but it does contain a unique skill called Super Jump that lets you jump over any train or obstacle in your path.

It’s crucial to remember that all bouncer hoverboards will immediately give players the Super Sneakers power-up, simplifying gameplay.

The Bouncer Board

It’s likewise vital to recollect that assuming you are wearing “Super Shoes,” you ought to use this hoverboard or some other hoverboard with the “Super Leap” capability. 

The “Super Tennis shoes” clock will be required to be postponed while the hoverboard’s clock keeps on counting down. After the hoverboard runs out of time, the Super Sneaker’s time will start afresh.

Big Khauna Board:

In its underlying structure, the Big Kahuna board looks exactly the way in which you would anticipate that it should: it is an orange and white surfboard. 

It was one of the earliest hoverboards to develop side wings thanks to the “Remain Low” unique capacity. Amazingly, while your character is riding the big kahuna board, they will act as though they are surfing the waves.

The Stay Low upgrade costs sixty keys, and the Smooth Drift special ability costs only fifty-five keys. You may unlock this surfboard hoverboard hybrid for 65,000 Coins.

Big Khauna Board

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