What is the Strongest Weapon in Shadow Fight 2?

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Shadow Fight 2 is the secondary installment in the Shadow Fight universe developed by Nekki Entertainment. Shadow Fight 2 was originally launched for Android and iOS in May 2014. Later on, a version for the Nintendo Switch was released in 2018.

The gameplay follows the protagonist referred to as the shadow who is on a quest to defeat demons unleashed from the gates of shadows. The game features epic combat sequences and animations. 

When progressing through the acts, you will meet new characters and obtain new weapons and skills. In Shadow Fight 2, your character can equip any number of weapons, armor and magic abilities.

There are generally 5 types of equipment in Shadow Fight 2, magic, helm, armor, weapons and range weapons. Initially, when you start the game, Shadow is unarmed and can only attack directly. Weapons allow you to increase the damage done by Shadow’s hits. Each weapon has its own attack strength and animation.

Most of the weapons in Shadow Fight 2 are obtainable from the game shop. However, there are some exceptions, such as boss weapons, challenger weapons, etc. Some special weapons, such as set weapons may be found in chests obtained in the raid shop.

The Strongest Weapons in Shadow Fight 2

Weapons bought from the shop may be divided into 2 categories: standard and super weapons. The main difference in these weapons is that standard weapons can easily be upgraded with simple coins or even gems. They do not have any built-in enchantments and must be upgraded to raise the enchantment level.

In contrast, super weapons are premium weapons that can only be upgraded using gems. These weapons already have some level of enchantments when you buy them. When you purchase a super weapon from the shop its enchantment level will be scaled to your current level.


There are a variety of weapons available for Shadow Fight 2, and each one has its own strength level and special usage. Certain weapons are more suitable for certain modes of play, so you may pick a different weapon for survival, boss fights and raids.

We’ll discuss the top strongest weapons in Shadow Fight 2 in general. Most of these offer high damage and are versatile enough to be useful for various styles of combat.


These knuckles can be upgraded to reach dangerous levels of attack damage. Due to their tight grip, you are unlikely to miss landing a strike on your opponent. This makes the knuckles absolutely deadly at close combat.


Harrier hooks

The harrier hooks are dual-wielded weapons made up of a set of blades that can be gripped. This weapon is great for medium-range combat.

These harrier hooks offer a high critical score and can be enchanted for higher critical damage. The blades are beautifully shaped and have elegant engraving on them that look great.


Big Swords

This set of bulky swords is a strong choice for combat. They resemble the Buster sword, which is considered the trademark weapon of the Shadow Fight series. These swords are the only obtainable weapons that resemble the iconic Buster sword.

This weapon offers a lethally high critical score. Unfortunately, the big swords don’t come with any special enchantments, which could’ve caused them to be a better choice and rank higher on this list.


The devastator is a two-handed sword that is worthy of its name. It comes with incredible attack potential and a stylish design. The devastator has an enchantment of lifesteal that allows the player to heal themselves by stealing life points from the enemy.

Devastator  (1)


The Glaive is undoubtedly one of the coolest looking weapons in Shadow Fight 2. It is a double-ended spear that can easily be used to attack from both ends. While it doesn’t have any built-in enchantments, the glaive comes with a high level of attack damage and can be upgraded to do even more.

Devastator  (2)


The Kusarigama is an interesting choice for a weapon. It may take some players a little getting used to, but once you master the Kusarigama, it can prove to be quite effective.

It allows you to attack your opponent without getting close to them, which makes it great against enemies who are using magic or ranged attacks.


Butterfly Sword

There are many single and dual-wielded swords in Shadow Fight 2. Butterfly swords are a set of dual swords that offer some of the highest damage points. If you have some in-game cash to spare, we definitely recommend having the butterfly swords in your collection.

Butterfly Sword

Pharaoh’s Khopeshes 

These are another style of big dual swords. The Pharaoh’s Khopeshes are made to be a historically inspired weapon by ancient Egyptian weapons.

The swords are short in size and curved, which makes them appear more like a blade. This weapon comes with the bleeding enchantment that can cause extreme pain to your enemies. These swords also have a great magic output and high critical score.


Staff of Night

If you think magic staffs are cool, you’ll definitely like this weapon. The staff has a special ability that can recharge your magic quite easily. It’s easy to land ranged hits with the staff and recharge your magic at the same time.


Blood Reaper

Blood reaper is one the strongest weapons in Shadow Fight 2. The blood reaper is often regarded as the ultimate weapon in Shadow Fight 2. This weapon offers extra high damage and comes with a bleeding enchantment to make your enemies writhe in pain.


It allows you to combine various styles of fighting for an attack. We highly recommend you invest in the Blood Reaper and upgrade it to improve its stats.

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