What is the Best Weapon to Defeat Shogun?


Shogun is one of the demon bosses you must defeat in Shadow Fight 2. He is the current ruler of Ivory city. A former military warlord, he took over the city located near the Gates of Shadows after he assassinated the former prince of the land.

Shogun is considered one of the most difficult bosses to defeat. Many players in Shadow Fight 2 often have a hard time with him. Even with high-quality equipment, you shouldn’t take the Shogun so lightly. 

One of the reasons the Shogun is so difficult to defeat is due to his various bodyguards that he can call to his aid during a fight. In order to defeat the Shogun and conquer this boss, you must also face and defeat his 5 bodyguards.

All of the Shogun’s bodyguards are given names according to their ranks in the military force. Each of them possesses a unique weapon which, unfortunately, is not obtainable even after defeating them. 

Shogun’s bodyguards include a general, colonel, major, captain, and corporal.

How to defeat Shogun in Shadow Fight 2?

Shogun himself wields 2 different weapons. A katana and a wakizashi. He mainly uses the katana for dealing with attacks, and the wakizashi is only used as a secondary weapon to land finishing blows such as double-slash and super-slash. 

Shogun also wields a different secondary weapon. Initially, he uses Kunai of the Wind for attacks. If he is defeated, then in the second round, he switches to Dragon Wings. If he is defeated once more in the final round, he will use the Keen Chakram.

The Shogun also uses magic abilities during his battles. The Shogun has fire-based magic abilities. His special magic moves include fireball, fire pillar, and asteroid in the first, second and final rounds respectively; that is if the player manages to defeat him each time. 


What is the best weapon to defeat Shogun?

When fighting the Shogun we highly recommend you pick a weapon that is generally versatile in attacking abilities. A weapon that can deal damage when attacking in both close range and long range would be ideal. These are the best weapons we recommend for defeating the Shogun.


The Katana is a solid weapon choice and it can work quite well when fighting against the Shogun. This single sword blade is designed similarly to ancient Japanese swords with a slightly curved blade and long grip that allows you to use the Katana with both hands. Be sure to upgrade the Katana and its primary enchantment enough to deal a high level of damage,



The Naginata is another long-ranged and dual-wielded weapon. It can deal high levels of damage in close as well as long-range attacks. This weapon offers an attack combination that allows you to deal with attack combos aggressively.

It has the enchantment Bloodrage that can occasionally deal 200% more damage in a single hit. Normally this would also cause the player to lose 30% health but for the Naginata specifically, this is only 10%.



The Kasarimama is the ultimate versatile weapon, and it is perfect for fighting the Shogun. Most of the Kusarigama attacks are long-range and high damage.


Although it does not come with a primary enchantment you can upgrade the Kusarigama enough to deal high levels of damage on its own.

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