What is the Best Hero in Bullet Echo


Bullet Echo is a multiplayer tactical shooter with many fantastic heroes. Each hero offers unique styles and abilities. The heroes are often categorized by rarity. With common heroes being the easiest to obtain and mystic heroes being the most powerful and special. 

Early on during the game, you can quickly gain all of the common heroes. Once obtained, these heroes can later be upgraded to reach the next rarity level. By simply playing a hero on the battlefield, it can be leveled up to surpass the next ten rarity levels. 

If you’re new to the game or if you’re having a hard time deciding which character to pick for the battlefield, we have created a guide to assist you. After thoroughly studying all of the common heroes, we’ve created a ranking of the best heroes in Bullet Echo. We’ve also highlighted the features and strengths of each hero so you can choose a character that best suits your personal playstyle. 

Once you’ve decided upon a hero of choice, you must fight with it on the battlefield in order to rank it higher. A common hero needs to be upgraded to level 10 before his special ability is available.

Here are the best heroes in the game for you to try out:


The stalker is a great standard choice for any play style. He is an all-rounder hero who brings respectable stats in every area. The stalker carries a strong rifle and has a great arm for shooting. He has particularly great stealth skills, which allow him to blend into his surroundings by becoming invisible. 

While the stalker is invisible, he can’t take damage from other enemies, but he also can’t attack or fire any enemies. You should know that although the stalker can become invisible, his footsteps are still audible, so some enemies may be able to locate him. 


He is a solid choice for any player or play style. He is a reliable choice when none of the other heroes can meet your needs. 


The bastion is a great defensive unit and a difficult target to take out. When starting out as a common hero, the bastion is pretty difficult to work with. His weapon hardly causes any damage, and he moves extremely slowly due to his large size.

However, bastion has high health and armor stats. Bastion’s armor has the ability to absorb a large amount of damage from attacking enemies. This is why he works great as part of a three-person team, as he can protect the other two team members by shielding them from damage. 

Bullet Echo

You can upgrade bastion to improve his base stats, but he is hardly the best choice for offense and attack.


Raven is undoubtedly one of the strongest heroes in the game. It carries a powerful rapid-fire SMG that allows it to attack from a distance. Raven is also quite small but quick in movement, which allows it to sneak up on its enemies. 

Raven is wonderful for surprise attacks, but we don’t recommend taking your enemies head-on with this hero. Raven has extremely low health and not a lot of attack damage. If you get charged, you have a low chance of surviving. 


If your play style is tactical with a lot of maneuvers involved, Raven may be the hero for you. However as a Raven you’ll have to watch your back in case an enemy tries to ambush you.


Firefly is another long-range fighter with a ranged gun for shooting her enemies. Firefly prefers to keep her distance from a battlefield. When playing as a team of three, firefly works best by providing long-range support to her comrades.

This is for the best, as firefly is unusually slow and can easily be snuck upon by an enemy. To protect yourself, we recommend you stay close to your teammates. 


During the game, grenades are lethal weapons that can be used to wipe out an entire team of three. Firefly is an ideal defense against grenades because they usually keep their distance so they can survive such attacks.


Blot is a great hero for players who like an offensive play style. He has a rifle that deals significant damage and an energy wall for support. Even enemies with a hull health bar and fully equipped armor are at high risk against blot. 

But blot himself offers low health, which makes it easy for enemies to ambush and finish him before he has a chance to defend himself using his energy wall. 


Blot also offers pow precision when attacking while moving, which makes him a bad match against speedy heroes.

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