Traffic Rider How to Get Money Fast

Traffic Rider How to Get Money Fast

Traffic Rider brings an exciting racing experience with stellar cars and motorbikes. Cruise the endless roads beside gorgeous scenery. You can also partake in many timed challenges to beat your opponents and show off your racing skills. 

This game was developed by soner kara and offers one of the most immersive driving experiences for mobile. Many fans of the game enjoy collecting various vehicles and motorbikes within the game. You can earn money from various driving challenges and events to upgrade your vehicles and other racing gear. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to earn quick money in Traffic Rider.

How to earn money quickly in Traffic Rider?

In-game cash in Traffic Rider online is very important as it lets you upgrade your vehicles and improve your performance in various racing challenges. There are various strategies for earning some extra cash in Traffic Rider. The quicker you can accumulate in-game money and boost your vehicle’s specs, you’ll have an easier time progress through the levels. Try some of these methods to increase your in-game earnings:

How to earn money quickly in Traffic Rider

Complete campaign missions

Most of the prize money you win will be earned by completing various campaign missions. The difficulty of the missions will slowly increase as you progress through the levels. You will most likely need a decent vehicle to start with; be sure to keep upgrading your vehicle specs to maintain your competitive edge during missions.

In order to maximize your final reward, you must be familiar with the factors that affect the total prize money. Various actions during the mission, such as moving in the opposite direction, overtaking other vehicles, and maintaining high speed boost your score and increase your earnings.

Other missions

Pay special attention to the high-speed boost as this will allow you to boost your earnings more than any other factor. The high-speed boost starts calculating from the time your vehicle reaches its maximum speed till you slow down or crash and hit another object.

Between these three factors: moving in the opposite lane, overtaking other vehicles, and maintaining high speed, we have observed that the high-speed bonus provides the most extra money so focus on this bonus the most.

How to maintain high speed in a Traffic Rider?

Now that you know that maintaining high speed provides the best boost in mission earning, next you must learn the best strategies for maintaining high speed so you can maximize this boost.

Try this method; when starting a new mission, pick a bike from your garage that has the highest speed. While driving whenever another vehicle shows the turning indicator you can press your horn. You can use the wheeling option to wheel your bike and easily pass through narrow spaces without slowing down.

How to maintain high speed in a Traffic Rider

If you come across a traffic block don’t hit the brakes as this will reset your high-speed counter. Instead what you can do is take your hand off the accelerator button for only a few seconds. As soon as the traffic clears, start accelerating again. 

Other missions

If campaign missions are too hard for you to compete or win in, you can try your hand at other types of missions such as time limits or endless missions. You can also earn cash prizes through these missions, although you will probably earn less compared to campaign missions.

Another advantage of competing in these alternative missions is that if you lack the resources to upgrade your vehicles, you can still participate and earn money through these challenges. The same bonuses, such as maintaining high speed, overtaking vehicles, or moving in the opposite direction can be used in these missions to earn extra cash.

Tips for earning cash without completing campaign missions

Once again, we recommend focusing on the maintaining high-speed tactic to boost your earnings. Use the vehicle with the highest speed in your garage and try to maintain maximum speed for as long as possible while playing endless mode. Don’t focus too much on trying to overtake other vehicles or moving in the opposite direction, as these actions happen naturally and are very hard to force.

Tips for earning cash without completing campaign missions

We also recommended only buying vehicles with a high maximum speed if you are going to focus on earning cash through missions. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on mediocre vehicles. You can easily complete two or three campaign missions without buying a new bike.

Use in-app purchases 

If you’re about gaining a competitive advantage over your opposing players and leveling up quickly you can avail the in-app purchases option to buy in-game money and gold. You will find a variety of packages that offer discounts on game money and gold coins for a very small price. 

Use in-app purchases 

This is the quickest way to gain money in the Traffic Rider play game. However, not everyone will want to spend money just to get ahead. Whether you want to go down this route will depend on how quickly you wish to get ahead regardless of your skill level.

Collect your daily bonus

An easy way to make extra money in Traffic Rider is by simply logging into the game every day and obtaining your daily bonus. This is a consistent way to get game money and the amount quickly starts to add up. The daily bonus mostly rewards you with game money but sometimes you can also win gold coins as a reward.


Traffic Rider is an interesting and engaging driving game that offers many unique missions for you to challenge. Although you will earn money in the form of rewards when you keep playing the game, you can also use some extra tactics to earn money fast in Traffic Rider.

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