How to Punch in Stumble Guys?

Stumble guys is a fresh take on a famous casual genre. Despite its casual gameplay, you might be surprised to find the level of detail that goes into the mechanics of the game. Once you have played stumble guys for some time, you might be curious about the control and mechanics of this game.

Understanding all of the controls and mechanics will help you become better at stumble guys. You can enjoy stumbling on multiple platforms, but today we will discuss the mobile version, and how to punch your enemies and run faster on mobile.

There is a lot to be learned about stumbles guys. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the mechanics of this game. Once you grasp these controls it will improve your chance of winning in stumble guys.

Hidden mechanics in stumble guys: punching and sliding

Stumble guys spawned out of a genre popularized by fall guys. In the fall guys, players could jump and dive to finish the course.

They could also interfere with other players’ progress by hitting. This will kill their momentum; it is a great tactic to get rid of rival players. You could hit other players right when they are about to jump, causing them to fall and possibly be eliminated from the game.

Stumble guys don’t have such interfering mechanics. Unlike fall guys you can only run and jump in the game. Many players don’t know this, but there is a hidden mechanic in stumble guys that let you kick your enemies and slow them down.

Hidden mechanics in stumble guys

How to punch someone in Stumble Guys?

In order to activate this special mechanic, you’ll have to use a certain emote. Since it’s a hidden mechanic many people don’t know which emote activates it. 

In order to punch someone in stumble guys, you have to use the glove emoji. When you use the boxing/glove emoji the enemy that is nearest to you will be knocked out. 

If you time the emoji right you might be able to knock enemy players off the stage and eliminate them completely. 

How to slide in Stumble Guys?

The slide mechanic is activated by using the show emoji. When you slide, your character will hunch down and move quickly in whichever direction they are facing.

When you slide in stumble guys, any player standing on your path will be knocked out. This makes it an extremely useful weapon for clearing your path and taking out rival players in one go.

We recommend using these mechanics strategically, as both the slide and punch will considerably slow you down. You should only use them as a last resort or to take out powerful rival players.

We recommend using the punch if you’re neck to neck with another player. It’ll slow them down and you can gain the lead while they recover.

If you’re behind your rivals, use the sliding mechanic instead. This will allow you to clear the path ahead and gain a lead on your enemy players.

How to hug someone in Stumble Guys?

There is also another bonus hidden mechanic. The hugging mechanic is activated by using the heart emoji. This won’t help you in the game as you can’t actually grab onto other players unlike in fall guys where you can hold onto a player to prevent them from advancing ahead. 

The hugging mechanic is simply for entertainment and replay purposes, many players find it amusing despite it not serving a function.

The hidden bouncer tactic and how to use it to your advantage

There are more hidden mechanics in stumble guys than the ones mentioned above. If you pay attention while playing various maps you’ll notice that the bumper obstacles offer special mechanics.

The bumper obstacles are designed to look like tall posts with cusinhin on all sides. You’ll notice if you run into them they’ll send you flying in the opposite direction you came from.

If you master this bumper mechanic you might be able to use it to your advantage during a game. Letting yourself bump into these tall posts can give you a speed boost of sorts. This allows you to quickly cover a large distance for a few seconds.

How to use the Stumble Guys Bouncer tactic?

To master the bouncer mechanic, you must know exactly how these obstacles work and how to activate their special features. 

The biggest boost to be obtained from these obstacles comes from the button-like cursing at the top of the post. It’s tricky to land and hit the top of the post, but if you can manage it this mechanic will send you flying. Often the boost is large enough to let you cover an entire section of the map in one fell swoop.

If you’re approaching a bumper obstacle and you happen to be ona higher altitude, this puts you at a great advantage to get a  large boost. Try your best to aim for the top of the post so you land on the top bounce pad. If you can land a jump correctly, you’ll gain a boost big enough to let you take the lead in the current map.

How to run faster in stumble guys?

When you play a round of stumble guys you’ll notice that each player runs at the exact same speed. This is done obviously to make things fair for each player.

Although there are different mechanics that offer a temporary boost of speed, like the super slide or the merry go round. For the most part, your default running speed remains the same. But you can use the various obstacles on the game map strategically to continuously gain boost and speed up your character.

Running into bumpers to be blasted forward in the direction you want to go is a great example of suing obstacles to your advantage.

Similarly the spinning logs and rotating hammers can be used to launch yourself forward and gain an advantage over other players.

You might have to practice using the map obstacles before you can use them strategically during the race. In the beginning don’t be discouraged if you end up falling off the map when trying to propel yourself forward. As there is no way to change your direction once you’re in the air. You’ll have to position yourself properly in order to move forward and gain a lead over other players.

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