How to Play Tennis Clash?

Tennis Clash is a multiplayer tennis game featuring intuitive and easy-to-implement gameplay concepts.  Like many freemium games, it requires significant financial investment if you want to progress.

Without this, you’ll have to spend a lot of time and effort climbing the corporate ladder, which is no guarantee of success.

Hundreds of thousands of people participate daily in Tennis Clash; thus, the competition is intense. It can be costly to find effective strategies for competing with the meta.

Don’t freak out! We have found a middle ground that allows you to win matches, level up your character, and advance through the game’s leagues without spending hours upon hours grinding. Tennis Clash, accessible on the Play Store and App Store, is entertaining to play.

This guide will assist you in leveling up more quickly and without feeling like you’re grinding while playing the game. 

Let’s get started then…

Tennis Rivalry Strategy:

Like Golf Clash, Tennis Clash pits players against the clock to win prizes. You construct your tennis player and progress through numerous tournaments, winning loot boxes to unlock brand-new equipment.

You’ll have the most trouble with the controls, which are entirely touch- and swipe-based. As a player, you can move around the court by tapping on the spot they wish to go and can make a shot by swiping when the ball is coming at them. Be mindful that the ball will go in the same way as your stroke.

The ball will be hit harder and go farther if you swipe faster and farther apart. Tennis Clash’s difficulty is in striking a balance between the two.

A slow ball hit to the back of the court requires a long, deliberate swipe in the direction of the target. Instead, you should do the polar opposite

if you want to strike the ball quickly while staying near the goal. It was a quick, brief swiping motion directed at the goal.

You have to be careful not to overheat a stroke in Tennis Clash; therefore, it’s more challenging to execute strong shots. When swiping rapidly, this is simple to do. 

For the sake of gaining familiarity with the game and your opponent’s playing style, it may be prudent to place accurate shots away from your opponent in the early going.

Tennis Rivalry Strategy:

When you win a match, you’ll receive a loot box that you can use to unlock additional items and Trophies that will boost your standing in the tournament.

Like other games of the genre, opening this loot box will require some time and patience. Once you’ve collected four loot boxes, there’s no point in continuing to play because you won’t be rewarded.

You can play a match in any tournament you’ve unlocked by clicking the Play button on the main menu screen. In addition, you can visit the shop to acquire new packs and gems.

Your lineup lets you customize your player with a wide variety of equipment, and events become available once you reach certain tournament thresholds.

Use these strategies to unleash your Tennis Clash skills in the game.

The goals of Tennis Clash are straightforward: win matches, gather items, unlock arenas, and level up. It means you can’t advance in the game unless you keep playing and winning.

To advance in rank, you must, of course, win matches against your rivals. It’s also possible to get resources by watching brief advertisements or purchasing them with real-world money. 

Remember that this multiplayer game plays by the rules of actual tennis matches.

Since you already know the basics, let’s have a look at some early-game tactics to give you an edge:

Use these strategies to unleash your Tennis Clash skills in the game.

1. Methods Proven Successful in Tennis Competition

Applying pressure from numerous fronts is a tried and true winning tactic. If your opponent is on the court’s left side, you can force them to the right by hitting the ball in that direction. 

If you want to compel him to move to the left side of the court, hit the ball to the left side of the court on your next shot.

Try to force your adversaries to the side. Carry on until you’ve earned a point. If not, you can always drain your opponent’s health, making it more difficult for him to get to the ball, and so ensuring your victory.

Methods Proven Successful in Tennis Competition

2. Positioning is essential in Tennis Clash.

If a character is in a favorable situation, they win. Staying near the court’s center puts you in the best position to quickly return serves, regardless of whether the ball is headed for the left or right side.

Position the character in the center of the court, behind the baseline, before your opponent smashes the ball or right after you make your first hit. The challenge is in making the character move. To direct the character’s movement, tap the screen.

Positioning is essential in Tennis Clash

3. Examine your opponent’s statistics, and change your strategy as needed.

opponent's statistics, and change your strategy as needed

The importance of checking out your opponent’s stats before the game can’t be overstated. It is possible to triumph in Tennis Clash by employing this tactic.

Although your time to study the opponent’s data is limited, you should still make the most of it. Attack your opponent’s backhand if you know it’s vulnerable.

Sending your opponent to the opposite side repeatedly will wear them out if their stamina is low. Position yourself higher if their Serve is low, and lower if it’s high, so you can easily pick it up.

4. Pick a character that suits your playstyle, even if their stats are low.

That’s a detail often disregarded. If you’d rather chill out and take a few large shots, stick with Jonah. If you like to dabble in everything, go with Hope. 

While Jonah may have somewhat superior overall numbers, Hope will still outperform Jonah in an all-around capacity with identical equipment.

When all is said and done, Hope proves to be a very versatile performer. Jonah’s natural abilities as a base-liner stem from his innate design. 

Pick a character that suits your playstyle, even if their stats are low

How a player plays the game can be affected by their stature and build. In terms of the Serve and Volley strategy, Leo is unrivaled. Focus on your Serve and Volley percentages at this time.

Tennis Clash, available for both Android and iOS, is available for download here. Until further notice, that is all we can say. Stay tuned for further updates.

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