How to Play Stumble Guys With Friends?

How to Play Stumble Guys With Friends

Stumble Guys is a battle royale style game in which 32 players are placed on a map and made to compete with one another. The matching is done randomly, so you usually have no control over who you’ll end up with in a map.

Stumble Guys is way more fun with friends you know. Even if most of the lobby is made up of random players, you and your friends can compare your ranks to see who did better in each round.

If you’re looking to play with your friends on Stumble Guys, we’ll share the simple method you can follow to add your friends to a lobby.

Adding Your Friends On Stumble Guys

Although Stumble Guys is a party game, the party-making experience is not so stellar. You can’t directly send your friends an invite request to your match or add players from your friend list. But there are ways to get your friends to join the same match as you.

Connect Your Account To Facebook

This is perhaps the easiest way to easily reach your friends on Stumble Guys. If you wish to play Stumble Guys with friends, be sure to add them on Facebook.

Then be sure to connect your Facebook account with the Stumble Guys game. If any of your friends play Stumble Guys, the game will automatically detect them and add them as friends. This will make it easy for you to add them to your lobby.

Add Friends To The Game Lobby

When you open up Stumble Guys, on the launch screen, you’ll find a special tab titled “Party.” The party button is usually located at the end of the menu buttons on the right side of the screen. 

Once you enter the party settings tab, here you can create a new party for a round of Stumble Guys or join an existing lobby made by your friends.

Add Friends To The Game Lobby

Your friends will need to share the special party code with you. Enter the party code in the empty field and click the join button. You will immediately be added to a lobby with all your friends that are in the same party.

How To Create A Party In Stumble Guys?

If you’re the one creating the party, click the create button under the “Create Party” menu. After the loading screen, you will see your very Stumble Guys party. Here you will also be given a room code. You will have to manually share this with your friends through a message or some other means.

You’ll be able to see each player that joins the party. Up to 32 players can be in a party lobby at a time, so you could technically have a map full of your personal friends.

Once all your friends have successfully joined, you may press the play button to begin a round of Stumble Guys. Other players must also wait for everyone to join, as only the party host can start the match. If you wish to leave the party, you can easily do so using the red leave button on the top-left corner.

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