How to Play Friendly Matches in a Tennis Clash

How to Play Friendly Matches in a Tennis Clash

Select “Social” from the drop-down menu, then “Friends” to see your list of contacts. In a section of the Friends List called “Leaderboard,” you can see how each friend ranks in comparison to the others.

If you click on a friend’s profile picture, their profile will open in a pop-up where you can learn more about them, see their current lineup, league, and career stats, and even steal their deck if you have the same cards!

You are able to view the names and profiles of your friends, as well as challenge them to a match of friendly competition. 

Each player’s status will be displayed, such as offline, online, and in a match. To submit a match request to an online buddy, just press ” Play” next to their name.

If you tap the play button, you’ll be given the option to alter the game settings. 

  • Max Card Level: Apply a level cap to the utilized cards, similar to the level cap for tour matches.
  • Tour: The arena in which the match will be played (any tour, even if it is locked!)
  • Allow the usage of “All Strings” or “Only Nylon” for strings.

Friendly matches do not require an entry fee, but they also do not award gold or prizes.


Tennis Clash offers online multiplayer, although it is extremely difficult to access. To assist you, we’ve researched how to gain access to it.

After downloading the game and completing the tutorial, you must first connect your Facebook account. This is an easy procedure. You should see the Facebook logo and the text “Connect” on the main menu. Click on that to begin.


Then, tap “Login with Facebook” to start by logging into your Facebook account. Once this is accomplished, you need only hit the same button to see a list of your friends. This is where you may begin an online multiplayer match.

To join in an online match, however, you must be Facebook friends, as Tennis Clash does not include a built-in friend option. You must also have a Facebook account to play online matches, which will annoy people who don’t want a Facebook account.

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