How to Install War of Deities: Darkness Rises on Pc or Mac

The fall in the God of Light’s strength has made it easy for the forces of evil to seize control. The heroes supposed to preserve the planet have fallen prey to evil. The world as we know it is; therefore, on the point of catastrophe.

Century Games’ War of Deities: Darkness Arises is a role-playing game in which players embark on an epic quest to cleanse the world of evil alongside numerous great heroes. 

ApkBuns enables you to play and install the game on your PC or Mac, so you can begin your journey immediately.

Installing War of the Gods: Darkness Rises

Do you wish to play a computer or laptop adventure game? Here is the PC download for Darkness Rises. This action RPG combines beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and intensity.

Now, if you enjoy action games, this Darkness Rises game is for you, and we’re sure that; some of you will play it. Using the android emulator, we may enjoy android games on our PCs and Macs.

This game’s theme is that Darkness is spreading over the land, and demons are preparing to destroy our gates. Numerous characters are accessible in this game, from which you can choose. You can modify them to your liking, including face, weapon, clothing, and many other attributes.

If you play Darkness Rises on your computers using an android emulator, you’ll still have the same capabilities. Android 6.0 or higher is recommended for this game’s playability. So let’s begin installing the android emulator for this game on your pc.

Installing War of the Gods Darkness Rises

How to Play Darkness Rises on a Personal Computer?

As we mentioned previously, we cannot download this game directly from the Windows or Mac shop.

So let’s begin by detailing the method of installing this game. We must use an android emulator in order to play this game on a computer.

  • Look for the Darkness Rises APK file on ApkBuns.
  • Click the download link.
  • Then save and unzip the file on your desktop.
  • It includes the emulator installed and the Darkness Rises apk file that you’ll install on our computer.
  • Double-click the installer, then install and launch it to complete all available Google sign-in procedures.
  • Next, on the main dashboard, hit the “Play Store icon” and search for “The Darkness Rise”using the PC’s search box.
  • To install a game, click “Install” after finding it.
  • You can begin playing games on your computer by clicking the “Open” option once the software has been installed.
  • You may also launch Darkness Rises by clicking the game’s icon on the main panel.

If you want to install the game Darkness Rises on your Mac, the process is nearly identical. Follow all the steps we omitted for the Windows PC, except you must install the android emulator’s Mac version.

How to Play Darkness Rises on a Personal Computer

Darkness Rises Computer Game Function

These are some of the game’s best features, so let’s check them out!

  • This is a role-playing game, so you have the freedom to select your path and discover new things on various levels.
  • You must employ your skills to defeat the difficult boss in combat.
  • The Darkness Rises video game features excellent visuals and may also be played on a computer.
  • Customize your characters and design your character from the start with warrior, wizard, and assassin. 
  • The graphics in this game are stunning and have been thoroughly optimized, making for an enjoyable experience overall.

These are some of the game’s better features; we hope you find them interesting. Installing The Darkness Rises on your pc will give you access to them.

Darkness Rises Computer Game Function

Recruit Legendary Heroes

As of this writing, War of Deities: Darkness Arises features 51 heroes which you can recruit for your army. Each hero has distinct traits and abilities that render them equally dangerous on the battlefield.

There are five hero factions in the game:

• Justice: honest, dependable, compassionate, aiding people in need, and protector of justice

• Neutral: independent, agnostic, and a believer in nature as the genuine religion.

• Evil: angry, cruel, tyrannical, capricious, and unscrupulous.

• Sacred: trust in the light, strive for true fairness and justice, cherish life and the truth, and despise evil and darkness.

• Corrupt: prioritizing one’s own needs over those of others, harboring resentment, and refusing to adhere to social conventions. 

When heroes from the same faction are placed in the same lineup, they boost the power of all other heroes in the game. In addition to factions, every hero has a unique combat role that influences their fighting style.

• Sage: reduces received damage

Improvements Warriors’ basic attacks deliver increased damage

• Tank: absorbs more damage

• Mage: casts wrath faster 

• Ranger: does more damage the farther away a target is

• Assassin: Deals additional damage to a target

Spend recruiting scrolls or gems to enlist a hero at random or ten heroes in bulk. Spending diamonds on recruitment increases the likelihood of gaining superior heroes.

In addition, hero fragments can be collected from various regions of the game and utilized to rapidly enlist a hero if enough fragments are collected.

The game provides numerous methods to improve your heroes. Hero EXP is used to increase a hero’s level, improve their traits, and unlock powerful new items.

Recruit Legendary Heroes

Join a Legendary Campaign

War of Deities: Darkness Arises offers a seven-chapter main campaign and bonus-reward-granting extra game modes.

Each campaign chapter consists of various levels in which you battle a team of five foes. Every time you complete a campaign stage and a campaign chapter, you win rewards.

The primary focus of fighting in War of Deities: Darkness Arises is strategy. You are provided five places on which to position your heroes in a lineup. The front, middle, and back lines each contain three spaces, and your hero’s position impacts their susceptibility to opposing attacks.

In addition to the main chapter, the game contains additional game modes, such as the elite campaign, in which you traverse a limited territory using tile-based movement and clear many dungeons to unlock a rewards chest.

The game also includes a Forest where you may engage in resource-rich game variants. In The Heroic Crusade mode, you can combat monsters while away from your computer to collect crafting materials.

Join a Legendary Campaign

Dominate the Arena

You can test the mettle of your heroes in the arena against those of other gamers if you’re feeling brave. Gain Arena points and awards for each victory you achieve.

Each season of operation at the arena lasts for two weeks. Arena rankings and points are reset at the end of each season, so you’ll need to start again with a new one each time (based on the initial points you had last season).

Each day, you can challenge up to three opponents without cost. To continue battling after this point, you must purchase a challenge ticket.

Dominate the Arena


ApkBuns adds a plethora of features to War of Deities: Darkness Arises, elevating the overall experience to a whole new level.

Playing Darkness Rises on a computer is much more convenient, so we’ve shown you how to get it here.

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War of Deities: Darkness Arises promises a magnificent voyage. Who is your favorite playable character? Don’t be shy; just type your comments in the box below.

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