how to get a punch emote in stumble guys?

how to get a punch to emote in stumble guys

In Stumble Guys, you’ll be racing against your opponent players in unique maps littered with various obstacles.

Your main aim is to make it to the end of the map while avoiding all obstacles and falling off the map. Although every player on the map runs at the same speed, the race is anything but fair. 

How To Punch Someone In Stumble Guys?

You might have noticed some players performing unique actions such as punching, grabbing, or sliding. If you’re new to Stumble Guys, you might not be familiar with these mechanics.

However, they are incredibly useful in the game. You can easily punch someone to slow them down or drag your opponent to the edge of the map and throw them. 

Many players don’t know how to perform these actions. This is understandable as these mechanics are intentionally hidden. Let’s discuss how to get the punch emote in Stumble Guys and knock out your opponent.

How To Punch Someone In Stumble Guys?

You’ve likely figured it out by watching other players, but these actions are done using a special emote. The punch emote is particularly popular, and many people are curious about how to get it.

You cannot buy the punch or unlock it directly, which is why so few players have it. However, you can try these methods to get the punch emote in Stumble Guys.

How To Get The Punch Emote In Stumble Guys?

The punch emoji, along with other special emojis like hug, can be found through battle passes. You need to purchase a battle pass and then complete it to unlock these emojis as a reward. 

The battle pass will cost 1200 gems. There are various methods to get gems in Stumble Guys and purchase a battle pass.

Sometimes the game will offer you a special deal that lets you buy 1,400 gems for 5 dollars. This is a great value for money, and you can easily buy the battle pass and get the punch emoji using this deal. 

How To Get The Punch Emote In Stumble Guys?

If you don’t wish to buy gems, you can try collecting 1,200 gems on your own. This is not difficult if you’ve been playing Stumble Guys for some time. The game will reward you with gems for completing various challenges. 

Also make sure to pay the spin wheel every chance you get. It is free and has a high chance of rewarding gems.You can also get 140 gems by completing the standard battle pass. 

If you buy a premium battle pass, you can get 400 gems after completing all 30 challenges. This will refund some of the gems back to you so you can use them to purchase another pass.


There are special emotes in Stumble Guys, such as box and hug emotes, that allow you to punch and grab in the game. You can unlock these special emotes through the Stumble battle pass which’ll have to be purchased for 1,200 gems.

When you buy a pass, go ahead and play the game and earn stars to unlock various stages of the pass. The boxing emote that lets you punch can be found by completing all stages of the Stumble battle pass.

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