How Mortal Kombat 11’s Custom Variations Will Work in Competitive Play

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The custom variants system lets you customize characters’ appearance and the moves they use in combat, which is the most significant new element in Mortal Kombat 11.

While this enables players to customize characters to their preferences, the level of customization raises specific concerns during ranked and local tournament play; nonetheless, NetherRealm plans to dial back the feature under those circumstances.

Players can utilize any custom version of a character they’ve made in local versus casual online matches, including augments that offer perks like more significant damage for specific moves, different experiences from committing fatalities, and more.

Why Kustom Variations  are needed for competitive for mortal kombat 11

While the ability to construct characters means that fights have more variation than in the typical fighting game, not knowing your opponent’s techniques before a match can be problematic because sure matches may end up being more lopsided than usual.

Players may find it challenging to internalize all possible matchups due to the vast diversity.

Similar to Mortal Kombat X, NetherRealm has developed a set of pre-built versions for ranked and tournament play to solve this issue.

Although how much variety per character might fluctuate, the designer has expressed that each character will have no less than two pre-constructed varieties utilizing a similar three-opening construction as custom varieties.

Why Kustom Variations  are needed for competitive for mortal kombat 11aa

Problem with variations and playing locally

The objective is to utilize as many of a character’s equitable moves throughout these variations as feasible. Still, the main concern is that variations provide each character with a powerful toolkit.

According to NetherRealm head designer John Edwards, they are well thought-out. It’s not like we just went, okay, fine, these three things look excellent; stick those in.

They have been carefully considered and planned to offer the most diversity of gameplay possible within our current framework.

Problem with variations and playing locally

Why a Good Rank is More Important Than You

This was good, and I hope they create something like the Overwatch rating system. Barriers, and they get higher as you keep defeating players.

Then, with these particular variants in mind, NetherRealm intends to balance custom abilities as needed, with the option to alter the variations themselves.

While playing in ranked competitions, significant-level players will generally know what’s in store when they see the name of a variety.

Why Kustom Variations  are needed for competitive for mortal kombat 11

Hardcore games will still have a reason to alter characters to give them that extra flare because you can still apply augments that don’t affect gameplay and take your personalized character’s look online.

Wrapping up!

Look at the leftover bits of our Mortal Kombat 11 coverage, which will be refreshed throughout the month leading the way to the game’s release.

We will look at a new character and have conversations with developers and analyses.

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