How Does Crossplay Work in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a reimagining of the legendary 2007 first-person shooter, the 2019 version offers a fresh campaign plot, a brand-new graphics engine, the removal of scheduled DLC maps, and a pricey season pass.

Good news for those interested in purchasing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare this month: the game will support crossplay from day one. If you intend to play Modern Warfare with your pals, then; you must understand how crossplay works. 

We will clarify everything in this guide, so let’s jump right in.

Cross-play requires a COD Account.

Before doing anything, players must either log in or establish a Call of Duty Account, an Activision-specific account system similar to those of EA, Take Two, Microsoft, and others. 

This account also enables gamers to build friend lists and parties from any of the three supported platforms, making it easier to plan with friends without switching platforms. 

With an active account, players can use the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare settings menu to enable or disable crossplay.

Cross-play requires a COD Account.

How does It work?

In the past, if you purchased Modern Warfare for the PlayStation 4, but your buddies purchased it for the PC or Xbox One, you were unable to play together. Thanks to crossplay, though, you may play Activision’s latest first-person shooter with your buddies regardless of the system they plan to use.

How does It work

In Modern Warfare, crossplay features are controlled by the input method selected. No player should feel at a disadvantage, as the system has been designed to ensure parity between keyboard and mouse users and controllers. With cross-play enabled, players may also pick which control device they would like to use, allowing console players to utilize a keyboard and mouse while PC users can choose a controller.

Crossplay offers the additional benefit of reducing lobby wait times. There are filters available in lobbies, allowing hosts to decide aspects such as control schemes.


This year, we evaluated crossplay during the beta stages of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it performed admirably. The inclusion of cross-platform play as a staple in a major franchise like Call of Duty is a huge win for bringing together worldwide gamers and all their different gaming systems.

In a time; when we spend a great deal of time isolated from other gaming ecosystems, it’s gratifying to see Call of Duty as one of the franchises ushering in the golden age of connectedness.

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