How Do You Play Dr Driving With a Friend?

Dr. Driving is a mobile driving simulator that offers a realistic yet unique driving experience. In the Dr. Driving game, you can drive around the city in various cars and sightsee different sceneries. 

Dr. Driving can be played solo or with a friend. The game offers an online matchmaking system. Besides random matchmaking, you can also play Dr. Driving with your friends. 

Dr. Driving Gameplay

The game has relatively simple controls that are easy to learn and adapt. The basic controls consist of an accelerator, a brake, and a steering wheel to control direction. You can quickly learn the controls for Dr. Driving by playing a few rounds of online matches or multiplayer with your friends.

What makes the game so relaxing is that you can drive around the game locations. This makes it refreshing compared to the many driving games that only offer fast-paced racing.

Dr. Driving Gameplay

Dr. Driving offers online multiplayer on which you can compete in a race with another online player. 

There are two modes of online play; online match and versus a friend.

In an online match, you will be matched with a random player online. You will race against the other opponent in 1v1 on the city streets. The matchmaking is totally random, and you have no control over it.

However, if you wish to play against your friends in Dr. Driving, you must choose the “vs friend option.” This will allow you to pair with a player of your choice, and you can compete against your friends and enjoy the game with them. 

How do you play Dr. Driving with friends?

Here’s how you can play Dr. Driving with your friends by following this simple process:

  • Open the Dr. Driving app and wait for the main screen to load.
  • Now from the given options, choose the vs. friend option to play a game against a friend.
  • You’ll have to enter a random number. You may pick a number between 100 to 999.

Remember this number because you must share this number with your friend.

How do you play Dr. Driving with friends

Your friend can join a match with you by opening the Dr. Driving game on their phone and selecting the “vs friend” option. They will also be asked to enter a unique number ranging from 100 to 999.

If you’ve shared your specific number with your friend, they must enter the same number to join the same match with you. 

Multiple players can join the same game using this method. Thus you can play Dr. Driving with your friends.

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