Bullet Echo Tips and Tricks

bullet echo tips and tricks

Bullet Echo is a tactical team shooting game that has quickly become a fan favorite due to its collection of unique heroes and play styles.

Bullet Echo was developed and published by ZeptoLab and is currently available to download for free on the google play and apple app store. 

As of now, Bullet Echo features 21 unique heroes that you can choose as your main character to progress in the game. Choosing a certain hero lets you utilize their special powers, skill set, and ultimate ability.

In order to make the game for both free and paying players, the developers of the game have made sure that each hero can be accessed for free. This ensures that the gameplay experience is entertaining for all players and the game doesn’t turn into a pay-to-win title.

Tips And Tricks To Win Every Game

The game lets you choose a hero with abilities that are suited to your play style. As you keep playing Bullet Echo, you can level up your hero to further enhance their abilities. To win in a match of Bullet Echo, you must outlive your enemies and be the last player standing on the battlefield.

Whether you’re a Bullet Echo newbie or simply looking to step up your game, we’ll share some tips that can help you win in every game you play.

Tips And Tricks To Win Every Game

These tips are guaranteed to improve your gameplay and assist you in winning regardless of your hero of choice. If you’re already an experienced Bullet Echo player, some of these tactics may be familiar to you. Try and see if you learn any new strategies to incorporate into your gameplay. 

Walk Slowly and Watch Your Surroundings

A very basic but often overlooked tactic is to simply walk slower during a fight. This is especially true if your enemies haven’t spotted you yet. Walking faster will produce more noise and will likely alert the enemies of your location, which will make you an easy target to find and eliminate. 

The biggest mistake that newbie players make is walking in a straight line toward a building or destination. This is bound to make you an easy target to shoot, and you can die immediately. 

Walk Slowly and Watch Your Surroundings

Even if your destination is right in front of you, don’t walk to it with tunnel vision. You’ll have to scan your surroundings at all times if you wish to survive your enemies. 

Although it only takes a few seconds, looking around and scanning your surroundings when entering and leaving a building is crucial. This simple action can save you from an early elimination.

Avoid The Center

You must be aware of your location on the map and where the center of the map lies. The map center is easily the most dangerous spot as this is where the most action happens. Many players are tempted to boldly charge toward the center to hunt enemies, but this is a poor strategy.

You can locate the center by looking at the map and spotting the area marked by the yellow x. Try to avoid this location until the very last zone. If you must venture near this area, stay near the edges and avoid the open field at all costs.

Avoid The Center

Even if you plan to avoid the center till the very last zone, there is a small chance that you may spawn at the center point. This is a deadly position to be in, and you’re better off running off to a different area. Try to put as much distance between yourself and the centermost point until you must absolutely go there.

Stay On The Edge

Now that you know about the dangers of the center, you’re better off staying at the edge of the map or the zone you’re in. Ideally, you would start off a round near the edge of a map. 

Try to collect loot from the areas on the edge of the map. If you find any enemies lurking nearby, you can deal with them easily enough as there is unlikely to be a hoard of them.

Stay On The Edge

Since you’re in an area with very few players, you can take your time gathering gear. Still, it’s better to scan your surroundings when entering or exiting a building in case there are any enemies hiding and waiting to ambush you.

Let Your Enemies Fight It Out

Some players like to take an aggressive approach, and they want to take out as many enemies as possible. But if you’re dead set on winning each game, you’re much better off letting the enemy players fight it out. 

Stalker is a great all-around hero whose invisibility ability is particularly useful for this play style. If you don’t want to take your enemies head-on and risk dying early, use stalker. 

Let Your Enemies Fight It Out

His special ability will let you locate your enemies without getting spotted. Use the invisibility ability to become invincible and kill any player that crosses your path.

The Final Zone 

Once you’ve understood and mastered all the tips mentioned above, if you decide you want to take an aggressive approach, this final tip is for you. If you want to be the first to ambush your enemies and get a large number of kills, the last zone will be crucial for you.

As soon as the last zone begins, quickly start moving toward the circle. Many players during this time start rushing to try and stay in the circle. This will cause them to move carelessly, and you can take advantage of the panic to eliminate them. 

The Final Zone 

As long as you have the upper hand, you can secure easy kills even if you end up taking some damage in the process. 

Last Man Standing

If you’re one of the last players alive on the map and there is only one other player remaining, it’s time to switch tactics. We don’t recommend taking an aggressive approach here, as this player is most likely skilled enough to outlive all the other players. Tread carefully and keep watching your surroundings.

If you’re playing Stalker, this is the time to use your invisibility ability. Locate where the final enemy is hiding and ambush him while using the ability to have the upper hand.

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