Bullet Echo Guide for Better Gameplay

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Bullet Echo is a new tactical multiplayer shooter developed and published by ZeptoLab. ZeptoLab is a global game development studio that has delivered many popular gaming titles. Some of ZeptoLab’s most well-known games include cut the rope, C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, and King of Thieves.

Bullet Echo takes a unique approach to the battle royale shooter genre, which makes it worth trying. Bullet Echo offers gameplay that is slightly more complex than most mobile shooters. There is a large collection of heroes/characters each with their unique abilities, play styles, and various types of gear. All this can be confusing to newbie Bullet Echo players. 

If you’re serious about reaching a high rank in Bullet Echo you have your work cut out for you. This will require you to master the abilities of whichever hero you choose. Master their playstyle and make sure to upgrade your hero to reach a higher rank.

We’ve assembled a guide that can assist you in becoming a better Bullet Echo player and reaching the higher ranks more quickly.

Strategies to improve your gameplay in Bullet Echo

Choose your hero carefully

In many multiplayer shooters that offer complex gameplay, you’ll often have a choice of characters to pick from. Bullet Echo is no exception and there are currently 21 unique euros in the game. Each character brings unique abilities that make for different play styles.

No one hero is objectively more powerful than another since each character can be upgraded to reach a higher rank and gain better stats. The lowest rarity is “common.” At this stage, you will find very weak base stats and no special powers. Mythic heroes are the rarest with max-out stats and all abilities unlocked.

Strategies to improve your gameplay in Bullet Echo

What’s most important is that certain hero abilities are better suited for certain play styles. So try to pick a hero that matches your playstyle. You can play a few rounds with different heroes before you make your choice. However, once you’ve found a character that suits you best we highly recommend you focus on leveling up this one character and get it to the highest rarity possible.

Prioritize your pick-ups

As you explore the map you spawn in you will find various pick-ups. It’s important to equip yourself with the right items so you are aquequalty prepared to face your enemies till the last zone.

You can find five types of pick-ups in the game. These include ammo, armor, health-ability, weapon-ability, and weapon mods.

When you start a game of Bullet Echo you are given a very basic silent pistol. Although the silent pistol has infinite ammo it does very little damage. You should switch to your primary weapon as early as you possibly can to deal with any oncoming attackers. 

Prioritize your pick-ups

Look for an ammo pick-up early on. Fortunately, ammo pick-ups are one of the most abundant in the game so it shouldn’t take you too long to find some ammo.

After gaining some ammo the second thing you should prioritize is armor. Armor is crucial for better defense and can make all the difference during an all-out gunfight.

Ability recharges let you activate your unique ability and health abilities can either be collected or recharged over time.

Weapon mods are usually found in the center of the map. Although they offer offense and defense perks it is quite risky to go after them. And often weapon mods are not necessary to win the game.

Know your hero abilities

Once you’ve picked a hero you wish to play and upgrade, the next step is to familiarize yourself with your hero’s special abilities. Particularly the unique ability should be mastered as soon as possible. Knowing your hero’s abilities will allow you to better plan your approach and pick characters with abilities that complement your teammates.

Know your hero abilities

Each hero character in Bullet Echo has three types of abilities:

A unique ability: this is specific to this character only. This ability is unlocked at the “Rare” level of rarity.

A healing ability: A healing ability is unlocked at “Epic” level of rarity. This ability is particularly important when playing in a team as this is what will allow you to assist and revive your teammates.

Passive abilities: Each character will possess two passive abilities that are unlocked at “Legendary” and “Mythic” levels of rarity.

Avoid the center 

The centermost location on the map is a huge warzone where the most action takes place. Often many great pick-ups can be found in the center such as powerful weapon mods. This will attract many players to the central location which can lead to a shoot-off. 

Avoid the center 

Stay away from the center if you wish to survive for long. If however, you wish to obtain some of the powerful pick-ups the best strategy is to lurk near the edge of the active zone. Once the early attackers are done shooting it out among themselves, see if you can find a clear path to some good loot.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Since Bullet Echo is essentially a multiplayer game you must cooperate with your team members to gain victory. Try to stick close to your team members and make sure that reviving a team member that is downed is your top priority. Try to keep as many teammates alive as you can. This will greatly raise your chances of winning and also create a fun experience for everyone. 

Another thing to note is that when you play with a team each character is automatically upgraded to the level of the most powerful player on the team. This ensures that you only have to worry about complementing your teammates with your choice of character. 

Even if some of your friends are ranked lower you can still enjoy playing together without worrying about a drastic difference in stats.

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