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★★★ Weirdly Cute Cats rampage across the world! ★★★
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PONOS Corporation
Nov 20, 2022
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Game Introduction

Are you looking for an entertaining game that can relieve stress after a long working day? Then the battle cats game is best for youThis game was created by PONOS Corporation.

In the game Battle Cats, you will explore exciting adventures full of fun and entertainment. You will lead the army of cats to conquer the world.

The gameplay of battle cats is extremely enjoyable, simple, and exciting. You join the exciting fighting of the battle cats. The game has multiple levels and different features, which will not make you bored even for a second. The controls are extremely simple to set up and use. You can easily move your cats on the screen and fight with all the enemies. So get engaged in battle cats gameplay and explore all the in-depth features.

Gameplay Information

The game provides you with a simple and amazing experience of the battle cats mod apk. The game has amazing features that are fun and relieve all your stress in a few seconds. Here you make strategies and tower defense for your favorite cat armies at each level. You will train your cat armies to conquer the world by devising various strategies. Finally, you will save your planet by building towers and troops and destroying all your enemies.

You also save your resources and, towers, troops for the future attack of enemies.

You can also use different powers and abilities and powers of troops to eliminate your opponents. By defeating your opponents, you will get different types of rewards. There are multiple levels, and in each level, you will see a different country like America, South Africa, Europe, and much more. Also, you will find exciting adventures at each level. You will conquer all the world with the help of cat armies.

The game has everything you could want, and the gameplay looks like cartoon wars.

Moreover, it provides unlimited resources that unlock all the levels and provide ad-free games. So what are you looking for? Eliminate all your enemies and make your victory by dominating the world with cute cats.

General Features Of Battle Cats Mod Apk

1. The time for the cat has come.

The battle cat is a tower defense game where you make different strategies and train your armies of cats to stop the enemies before they destroy you. You must have to stop them and cross their line before they come up and overcome your world. You must make strong strategies and train your cat armies because, in the war, you can’t control them one by one. You will meet in the middle of the screen, and on one side will be enemies, and on the other side will be armies of kittens. So you will come up with a complete strategic plan to control them. You will build towers and troops and use different powers to destroy them. It’s not like an ordinary game. You will also fight with the boss of enemies. There will be strong powers with the help you can easily destroy them.

2. Level them kitties up

You will gain XP on each level as you progress through the game. The more levels you complete, the more XP you will receive. They can be used to level up your cats. With this, your cats become more powerful and defeat their opponents quickly. Once they cross level 10, the cats will become badass. And they kill the opponent very few times. You will also earn money from the cent generator during the battle. You will make money quickly by upgrading your cent generator. This is useful when things are messy, and you need to get somewhere quickly. In a nutshell, you can use it to complete the level.

3. Blast your cat cannon

In cat battle, cat cannon is the best weapon you can use to defeat your opponent. Use it properly because it can turn the wave of the battle. You must upgrade the cat cannon to reduce the charging time, Work on improving the loss it deals with and extend its range.

4. Multiple levels to earn rewards.

In the battle cat, you will earn different rewards and prizes on the journey to conquer the world with the exotic cats. You will break the enemy’s towers in different countries and will get rewards and XP points. Also, you get daily rewards by starting the game. Moreover, it also provides monthly and weekly rewards.

5. Graphics

The graphics of battle cats are amazing and immerse the players in the game. You will see the exotic armies of cats and the enemies beautifully graphed. With the customise controls mechanism, you can easily play this game. The game environment, which is based on different countries, allows you to see every country.

What Are The Mod Features Of Battle Cats Mod Apk?

Unlimited Money

The mod feature provides you unlimited money. which you can spend to buy cat cannon and the XP points. Also, you can buy powers and boosters which help your cat armies to defeat your enemies easily. You can win the level more easily with unlimited money. You don’t have to spend money to get these abilities.

Unlocked everything

The mod version provides everything you can use without waiting for the unlock. The cat cannon is also unlocked. You can use it anytime you want. All other stuff is also unlocked.


You can upgrade everything with unlimited coins. You can upgrade powers and booster packs to help your armies win battles.

No ads.

The standard version contains a slew of annoying advertisements. Many people pay money to have all advertisements removed from their websites. Some people, however, cannot afford it. 

How To Download The Battle Cats Mod Apk?

Battle cats mod apk is a strategy game where you build towers and troops to stop your enemies before they kill you. You use different powers and boosters to fight against your enemies.

To download the battle cats. 

  • Open your mobile browser and search for the name of the game 
  • There is a link to the game where you can directly download the game
  • The link is below on the page. By scrolling the page, you will get the link
  • Click on the link and find the download button 
  • Press the download button, and the process will start 
  • After the loading, your file will be downloaded and saved on the file manager in the downloads folder

How To Install The Battle Cats Mod Apk?

Find the download file of battle cats mod apk from the file manager and press the button to install. The file may not be downloaded because you need permission to download it on your androids.

  • Get permission before installing.
  • Fo to setting then, click n security
  • Find the option of unknown resources enable it
  • Then click on the install option.
  • Then, without causing any errors, select the install option, and the file will be easily installed on your device.


Battle cats mod apk is a tower defense game in which you make different strategies and build troops to conquer the world. There are multiple levels, and you will see a new country at each level. You will use powers and boosters to eliminate all your enemies. You will see different adventures at each level and earn rewards and prizes. You can upgrade the powers to make your cat more powerful. The game features mesmerizing graphics and excellent sound quality. Download the game for endless fun and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is downloading and playing battle cats safe?

Yes, it is safe to download battle cats on your Android if you do so from a reputable source. Unfortunately, this game is available on numerous apk servers, some of which contain malicious software that can harm your device and steal your personal information. As a result, before downloading this game, you should double-check the website.

Is it possible to play Battle Cats on Android?

Yes, it is compatible with both devices. iOS and Android devices are supported.

Is it possible to get an unlimited amount of money in Battle Cats?

You can get unlimited money and use it wherever you want by downloading the battle cats mod version.

What's new

■ Added Crown total display to map selection screen. (Collect Crowns by clearing "Stories of Legend" or "Uncanny Legends" stages.)
■ Recommended filter added to Uncanny Legends
When ON, only uncleared maps will be shown.
■ True Forms added for certain Cats
■ Added Cats with unlockable Talents
■ New Map and Higher Difficulties for Existing Legend Stages
■ New User Rank Rewards
■ Feature Revisions
■ Bug Fixes



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